Earlier this week we posted this promo from Fox which showed fun stuff coming up on season 3. What Fox didn’t realize was by doing so, they revealed the result of the big cliffhanger (that we spotted) which had all of us Gleeks covering our mouths from episode 3×14. Today, Fox has not only taken the promo down, they have released a new promo…without the revelation!

We noticed the big revelation and posted this story on Hypable for those of you who were willing to click to find out.

The new promo, which was just released and can be watched below, completely omits Quinn’s presence in the scene!


Fox has made the previous video (with Quinn in the scene) private:

Here are before and after screen shots of the promo:



Some Gleeks may not have picked up on it, but we sure did here at Hypable! What are your thoughts on Fox releasing the big cliffhanger? Should they have left it alone or did they do the right thing by pulling the first and releasing an edited version? Comments in the Hypable post from the other day seem to be mixed about the revelation.

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