After Bill Hader’s guest role on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 premiere, we thought of four comedic — and one dramatic — actors we want to see on the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s world is growing very slowly. The first season, we really only saw the detectives of the Nine-Nine, and we got to know them. We now know their quirks and their faults and their specialties.

The second season, the show’s creators expanded the universe a little bit by introducing Madeline Wuntch and her world of paperwork within the higher levels of the NYPD. After seeing her cruelly rip away Captain Holt from his family at the precinct, we were wondering: What other characters from the NYPD have we not yet met? Surely there are other departments that cops, detectives, and even Wuntch, have to report to, and other perps out there beyond the few the show has introduced so far. So, after brainstorming a little bit, we picked a few actors that we think could fill the shoes of these yet-unseen characters.

Amy Schumer

Arguably one of the biggest names in the comedy world (or just the world) right now, we think Amy Schumer would fit right in with this assemblage of detectives and cops. We could see her straight-man-ing (an improv technique where you’re the practical/realistic one, playing opposite the wacky one) against someone like Jake and Terry. Or she could just walk in wielding her Emmy like a BAMF and no one would bat an eye.

(Credit: AP)

(Credit: AP)

Seth Meyers

Sure, Seth is on NBC nightly and they probably wouldn’t be thrilled with him showing up on a Fox comedy, but Seth and Andy’s relationship may be able to transcend network television stations. We could totally see Seth playing some kind of out of town relative of Jake’s — or, even better, a relative of Amy’s who then clashes with Jake. Heck, we’ll take any story line that requires them to dress up like this:

(Credit: Invision/AP)

(Credit: Invision/AP)

Melissa McCarthy and/or Bill Murray

Imagine this: a plot line centered around Rosa and Boyle responding to a call that there are two people running around Brooklyn yelling about ghosts, with vacuums on their backs. Everyone knows ghosts don’t really exist! Silly people. But it does sound like there’s a movie in there somewhere…


Sally Field

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy through-and-through, it accepts actors of all kinds, such as comedic, dramatic, and even retired-NFL players. After the addition of Kyra Sedgwick to a good portion of season 2, and now even into season 3, and the starring role Andre Braugher has on the show, we think Brooklyn Nine-Nine could handle another dramatic actor quite easily. Sally Field might be a random choice thrown into this article, but she’s proven she can handle both dramatic and comedic roles, and we could definitely see her as the commanding captain of another precinct.

(Credit: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)

(Credit: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)

Who do you want to see guest star on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’?

Tell us in the comments!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3, episode 2, “The Funeral,” airs tonight on Fox at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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