2:30 pm EST, December 4, 2018

‘Fortnite’ team launching Steam competitor in the Epic Games Store

The new digital storefront will have some enticing incentives to help lure developers over to the Epic Games Store.

Steam may be running the game when it comes to digital PC gaming, but Fortnite‘s popularity is the David to take on Gabe Newell’s Goliath.

With the Epic Games Store launching soon on Mac and PC, more details will be unveiled during The Game Awards on December 6. In 2019, Epic Games Store will allow Android and open platforms to partake in the digital storefront’s sales.

The share of profits present in the Epic Games Store is likely going to be the most attractive quality to draw developers into selling their games on Epic’s digital store shelves. With a hard 88% developer/12% storefront split, the Games Store makes Steam’s 20 to 30 percent profits look like highway robbery.

Epic Games will encourage developers to include streamers and bloggers into the mix, with the Fortnite developer promising to cover 5% of what creators make for the first two years of Epic Game Store’s launch.

All of this has been made possible by the insane popularity fueling the battle royale free-to-play shooter Fortnite (with a few microtransactions here and now). However, we should proceed with caution, as with any new major business venture, things may just turn out to be too good for true. Details such as storefront exclusivity have not yet emerged, which could be a deciding factor between developers releasing their content on the already popular Steam over Epic Games Store.

Should Epic Games Store take off, Valve’s Steam would be the first of its kind to take such a big loss. As the video game industry advances a little behind the pop culture curve, this could quite well end up being the Facebook to dying social media website Myspace.

Do you think Epic Games Store has legs against Steam?

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Source: GameSpot

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