3:15 pm EST, December 5, 2018

‘Fortnite’ Creative Mode lets you build in a ‘Minecraft’-like sandbox environment

The Fortnite Creative Mode launches soon with a season 7 Battle Pass, and a week later to the general public, says developer Epic Games.

Just yesterday, Epic Games announced that they were launching a Steam competitor in the Epic Games Store. Now, Epic Games is adding to their brand’s excitement with a new gameplay mode bound to shake up the Fortnite battle royale formula.

In the Fortnite Creative Mode, players will be able to build personalized arenas using pre-made assets. The new mode will also allow you to “shoot your own cinematic masterpiece” as you host private severs for you and friends to run around in. Watch the announcement from Epic Games below.

Initially leaked by a YouTuber who broke embargo, the announcement was assumedly meant to have been made during the Game Awards 2018 show, which airs on Thursday, November 6. Epic Games was quick to make the announcement official, as the leaked video was taken down (and now re-released), but spread like wildfire.

Another neat feature of the Fortnite Creative Mode is that all of your creations will be saved, unlike those created in the game’s battle royale Playground mode. Top creations from the Fortnite community will be showcased on a hub world, which is where you will be able to access your own masterpieces.

While creating new battle arenas, you will be able to fly around the entire map to get a good look at what everything looks like so far, not unlike Minecraft‘s own creative mode. Players are warned that the initial release of the Fortnite Creative Mode may be rough, but that the kinks should majorly be ironed out upon wide release on December 13, 2018.

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