The creator of the popular iOS/Android game Flappy Bird says that he’s removing side-scrolling game from App Stores on Sunday.

UPDATE (Feb. 9): As promised, the developer has removed Flappy Bird from the app store, so it is no longer available for purchase.

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is an indie developer based in Vietnam. He tweeted that the stress of the public spotlight has gotten to him.

His comments this afternoon revealed that he plans to delete Flappy Bird from the Apple and Android App Stores:

His decision to take it down seems to stem from the popularity and people’s complaints about it.

Earlier this week he seemed to grow frustrated by the press.

Even though the game has been in the App Stores since May 2013, its popularity began skyrocketing over the past month.

Many players have been frustrated by Flappy Bird’s difficult mechanics, but can’t quit because of its simplicity.

We’ll see if the developer goes through with his promise to remove Flappy Bird from the App Store tomorrow. Maybe a good night’s rest will make him think twice. After all, it’s been reported that he’s making $50k per day through the App’s advertising.

If he does delete the game, those who have already downloaded it will still be able to keep it on their device.

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