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‘Fix’ book review: Molly McAdams works emotional magic with Brewed series starter

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There are so many things that I love about Molly McAdams books, and Fix hits all of them and then some. And now I am DYING for Whiskey and more of Amber, TX and these Dixon boys.

When Molly McAdams starts a new series, you go into expecting to be emotionally compromised by the characters, their life stories, and all the ways life tries to pull them apart. Her stories are always complex and realistic in heartbreakingly incredible ways.

And Fix is no different. We are introduced to the town of Amber, TX, and a family that has more drama than they know what to do with. That would be the Dixons. You see, their father passed away unexpectedly nine years ago, and the boys all took it poorly. It caused some seriously deep rifts, and drove them to dysfunction. Enter Sawyer, the man who’s been trying to hold his family together with dental floss and chewing gum.

Sawyer has some emotional scars of his own, completely unrelated to his father’s death, that have kept him from finding someone to lean on through the hard times. That is until a stranger wanders into town and throws his assumptions about love and loss into turmoil. Fix gives you Rae and Sawyer’s story and sets the scene perfectly for Amber, TX to become a top tier romance setting destination. Setting isn’t always a main player when it comes to romance, but Amber is definitely a character all its own.

Fix cover Molly McAdams

So, I love a good small town romance. There’s just something about a story where everyone knows everyone else, where characters flit in and off the page, but are always referred to by name. Where best friends are lifelong partners and significant others just get it and don’t get jealous. Where a new person is recognizable on sight and the whole town loses their minds over their presence.

Fix delivers on all of that. Literally. I consider myself an honorary member of Amber, TX now. I am suspicious of newcomers and am ready to sit anxiously and absorb all the complicated that the Dixon family has to offer. I’m enamored with their story, with the family’s dysfunction, and with watching as Sawyer baby steps each of his brothers to reconciliation. It HAS to happen. It must. They’ve all been through so much, I just weep for each of their complicated hearts.

But Fix is all about Sawyer and Rae.

Rae is a hard heart, but she has suffered some seriously terrible emotional abuse as a child, so it’s not at all surprising that opening herself up to love and commitment is the scariest possible scenario she could imagine. That’s not to say that she doesn’t value love.

I think it’s unflinchingly poetic that Ms. McAdams gave us a romance writing softie with the hardest heart around. It proves that although Rae may avoid getting permanently tangled anywhere she goes, her heart craves that connection in equal measure. She was just looking for the right person, the right place, the right time to trust someone with her indelible commitment.

I loved reading Rae and Sawyer’s story. They both have suffered some terrible losses in their lives, but witnessing both of them healing the others’ hurt is the best kind of emotional therapy. Sawyer definitely has abandonment issues due to not only his brothers’ estrangement, but to a first love that lost a battle with her own demons. And when you add Rae’s well earned skepticism about love, family, and putting down roots, at first they seem like the least likely pair.

But only someone who knows abandonment like they do can help to heal those hurts. Sawyer knows a different shade of Rae’s pain. Rae knows a version of what Sawyer has suffered, too. They both know how they want to be comforted and cared for, so reaching out to the other is less risky because they both know what’s at stake.

In addition to falling in love with both Sawyer and Rae in this book, I fell for pretty much each and every character we met in Amber, TX. Well, all the good ones at least. I am DEDICATED to Emberly’s story, and hearing about her childhood crush on Cayson Dixon had my heart aching in all the best ways. And then there’s Savannah and Beau (and the kids), Gavin and Faith, Hunter, Nathan, and even Tori.

I am dying after reading those last few pages (which I would NEVER spoil here), and cannot wait to see what emotional turmoil awaits me in Whiskey. I just know that whatever Molly McAdams has planned for the next Dixon boy is going to be just as epic and heartbreaking and incredible as all her books I’ve read before.

Fix is available now! Get your copy from Amazon and make sure to add it to your Goodreads, too!

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