12:30 pm EST, June 6, 2014

Five ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 1 spoilers: The dark moon rises

By Karen Rought | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

After watching the premiere episode of Teen Wolf season 4, we’re here to give you some juicy really vague details ahead of the June 23 air date.

Teen Wolf is coming back in a little over two weeks, and to help satisfy your cravings for spoilers, we’ve gathered together five tidbits to tease you with before you get to see the episode for yourself.

1. New ships will sail.

As usually happens in fandom when characters interact, the internet undoubtedly will start shipping them. In the first episode of season 4, you can expect a few pairs of characters who hadn’t interacted much in the past to get some more on screen time together.

2. Malia is working on being human.

She’s not quite there yet, unfortunately. Her coyote instincts are pretty strong, and it takes a bit of persuasion to keep her interests in line with everyone’s else’s. The good news is that she’s at least trying, and we get a glimpse at the progress she’s making.

3. Some old characters resurface.

We know there are going to be plenty of new characters this season, but rest assured some familiar faces will be making their way back as well. In the first episode alone a couple of people we know get re-introduced, and it’s nice to see them on our screens once again.

4. Scott’s responsibilities as an Alpha may cause him some added trouble.

Now that Scott’s an Alpha and has his motley crew of a pack, he’s got some heavy burdens to bear. The problem is that he’s just a teenager and he has to think about his human responsibilities, too. As of right now, someone has their eye on him, and if he messes up, he may have to pay a hefty price.

5. The end of the episode has a killer cliffhanger.

It’s definitely an unexpected twist, and we hope you guys like it as much as we did. The final few seconds had us gasping and wishing we had episode 2 right now. We have no idea how the gang is going to solve their predicament, but we can’t wait to find out.

What are you most excited to see in the ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4 premiere episode?

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