The first teaser poster for The Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman has been released – check it out!

Based on the celebrated comic book character Wolverine, The Wolverine film finds Logan, the beastial warrior and outsider, in Japan where he’ll be looking to find out who he really has become. There he also fights samurai steel with his adamantium claws as he confronts a mysterious person from his past in an adventurous battle that will forever leave him a changed man.

We’ve seen set photos of Hugh Jackman, and despite climbing up in age, he’s looking as ripped as ever, and this new minimalist poster does his character great justice. We look forward to seeing more of this film as is gets closer to its release date. We saw the first official photo of Jackman as Wolverine just a month ago, and it looks like filming is progressing nicely.

The Wolverine teaser poster

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During a 20-minute live chat from the set of The Wolverine in Australia, Jackman and Mangold teased a bit on what we can expect to see from the film.

  • It will take place after the previous X-Men films, which was done so the film can essentially live in its own world and not be constrained as a prequel to other films or events.
  • Unlike past X-Men films, Mangold says the action will be much more grounded in realism, whatever that means.
  • Mangold teased a “kryptonite” for The Wolverine that will be explained and presented in the film.
  • Jackman refers his character in this film as a “tragic hero,” which was one of the reasons he loved the story so much.
  • The film will be the most action-packed of all other Wolverine films.
  • These are just a few of the more interesting details from the chat. While neither Jackman or Mangold revealed much that we didn’t already know, it’s intriguing nevertheless to hear a bit of perspective on what we can expect to see next summer. You can watch the live chat below.

    Currently in post production, the $100+ million dollar budget film has been shooting in Australia, Japan, and a few other countries. The film’s release date is set for July 26, 2013.

    Additional reporting by Jeremy Baril.

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