Oh boy, it looks like the viral campaign for next summer’s The Dark Knight Rises is starting to flare up. After The Dark Knight‘s landmark campaign brought millions into theaters in 2008, it was inevitable that websites and images would start appearing, and this is just the first of what will surely be many clues preceding July 2012.

The images first hit Wired and Empire (via CBM) and we now have them here for you to see! Check out the images below and read our analysis below!

You may remember our report from Heinz stadium from a few months ago saying that Bane leads a scientist of some sort onto the field when he introduces his object of liberation.

We believe this may very well be the same scientist, and this might be the physicist responsible for building Bane’s machine. The communication transcript is a little harder to understand since most of it is censored, but could it be possible that the “Militia” listed are the rogue members of Bane’s army?

This is a huge step in the release schedule of the film, at this point in the year in 2007, fans were already knee deep in viral marketing. The official Dark Knight Rises Twitter, TheFireRises has also issued a tweet containing the picture of another censored document which we’ve inserted below.

What do you think? When do you think we should expect a full website like whysoserious.com or ibelieveinharveydent.com? Will this campaign be even bigger than its predecessor’s?

Update: We now have a countdown on a website called OperationEarlyBird.com. If calculations are correct, it appears to be counting down to the release of the trailer!

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