Fans get their first look at the Maze Runner sequel The Scorch Trials thanks to six eight new stills!

Update (March 12): Two more photos have been released by Empire



Original story (March 11): The photos released today through People and EW provide us with our first look at the popular movie adaptation.

Within the photos we get a peek at lead actor Dylan O’Brien as well as newcomer Rosa Salazar who will be playing Brenda. She’s one of the individuals who come across the Maze Runner boys as they travel across the Scorch; the dusty barren land where lost causes are dropped.


The second photo depicts the group almost immediately after we left them at the end of The Maze Runner. Battered and broken, they find their first source of hope in quite a long time. One of the prevalent themes of the sequel is whether or not they can trust this help. Divisions amongst the group may form when debating this question.


The last photo features O’Brien with his arms up in a defensive pose. It’s hard to tell what he’s bracing against in the image, but the night environment does tell us that the group has entered the Scorch and begun their journey outward.


Within these photos we see Thomas as he crawls through the dirt, brandishing a gun, and the gang hanging upside down (no big deal).




What do you like in the new ‘Scorch Trial’ photos?

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials hits theaters September 18, 2015. Perhaps a teaser trailer will debut before Insurgent in theaters next week? The timing of these photos sure is interesting…

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