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First look at the characters of MTV’s new crime drama ‘Eye Candy’

As MTV launches Eye Candy on the network’s official website, viewers get their first look at the main cast of the show and the characters they will be portraying.

Although last week’s teaser trailer effectively set the tone for the new young adult crime drama, we have yet to see any real footage from the show.

Which means that until a full trailer for the program is released, the following images and character synopses will have to satisfy our curiosity surrounding the new mystery drama. So read on and take a look at what’s in store for those tuning in.

Victoria Justice as “Lindy”
A brilliant, 21-year-old hacker from the Chicago suburbs, Lindy grew up, like much of her generation, with computers and social media as her second language — but Lindy has a gift for seeing clues and connections in the digital world that others can’t.

She’s been powerfully shaped by two events: The first was the horrific abduction of her younger sister, Sara. In the aftermath of that trauma, Lindy dropped out of college, moved to New York, and became a hacker so she could dedicate herself to finding Sara, while occasionally bending the law to help others with their own unsolved missing persons cases.

Meanwhile, Lindy met Ben, an NYPD Cyber Crimes detective who fell in love with her while he secretly had her under investigation. Dating Ben was the first time Lindy let herself feel anything for another person since Sara’s abduction – but after Ben arrested her, she never forgave him, even though he claimed that by arresting her he saved her from a worse fate. Now, as Lindy finds herself the latest target of a serial killer who’s murdering young people in New York, she has to use her hacking talents to work with the very detectives who arrested her.

Casey Deidrick as “Tommy”

Casey Deidrick as “Tommy”
Tommy, the dry-witted New York native descends from a long line of cops and now works in the NYPD Cyber Unit. He’s smart, tough, no-nonsense, and started as a beat cop before working his way up to Cyber detective. Tommy is skeptical of Lindy’s tactics and motivations, but he decides to work with her when his partner, Ben, starts helping Lindym track the stalker.

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Kiersey Clemons as "Sophia"

Kiersey Clemons as “Sophia”
Sophia is Lindy’s hip, gorgeous, sophisticated, and vibrant best friend and roommate. Two years ago, Sophia rescued Lindy from perpetual couch surfing when she first moved to New York by inviting her to crash in her loft- style apartment—and Lindy never left. Sophia also owns a popular downtown nightclub called IRL. She’s fun- loving and free spirited, and wants Lindy to shed the gloomy cloud that’s been hanging over her since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Ben. Sophia “helps” (i.e. lovingly forces) Lindy to join a dating app called “Checkmate” so she can meet new guys one night at her nightclub. But the girls soon discover that there’s one dangerous user who’s carefully trolling the app for more than just a simple date.

John Garet Stoker as "Connor"

John Garet Stoker as “Connor”
Connor is Sophia’s other best friend – a young blogger for a gossip site. He has a friendly rivalry with Lindy, and supports Sophia’s attempts to get Lindy to join a dating app, helping Lindy navigate potential matches. Always having to share Sophia’s attentions with Lindy, Connor has his own selfish reasons for wanting Lindy to have a boyfriend.

And although Harvey Guillen’s character George isn’t featured on MTV’s website, here is his character’s breakdown as well as a behind the scenes look at the actors own photo shoot.

Update: Thanks MTV!!

Harvey Guillen as “George"

Harvey Guillen as “George”
George is Lindy’s friend, confidante, and coworker at her day job in the IT department of a financial company. A fellow hacker, George has always helped Lindy out when she needed assistance, whether it’s legal or slightly left of the law.

Eye Candy will premiere January 12 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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