4:15 pm EDT, November 28, 2016

First ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 shots give us the shivers

Game of Thrones season 7 just got a little closer, with brand-new shots revealed in a teaser from HBO.

HBO aired a promo dubbed “Coming in 2017” last night, including clips from several of their upcoming series. Of course, their most popular heart-crushing fantasy drama was right in the thick of things.

Watchers on the Wall has caught the three distinct shots from Game of Thrones season 7, but what we see is definitely enough to wake the dragon of our anticipation!

The first shot is of Sansa Stark, standing in front of the Winterfell heart tree. Even in her brief time back at home, the godswood has already become an important place for Sansa (like that time when Littlefinger confessed his totally creepy love for her.) We can’t help but wonder what this eerily sacred place will be witnessing soon.

Sansa game of thrones season 7

Next up is a very intriguing look at Arya Stark, bundled up against cooler weather. Arya looks to be back on the road after taking care of that little errand at Riverrun.

Logic says that the tiny assassin will be heading back North, to where her home and siblings are gradually converging. But this is Arya, after all; might her revenge compass lead her elsewhere in Game of Thrones season 7?

arya game of thrones season 7

Finally, the preview offers a fairly standard shot of Jon Snow. Jon looks like he is most likely at Winterfell, shouldering the latest burden of being King in the North. But given certain recent revelations, it’s not clear just how long our long-faced hero will remain at his ancestral home.

Jon game of thrones season 7

Game of Thrones season 7 remains cloaked in mystery, but a few facts have come to light. The season will consist of seven episodes (instead of the standard 10) and will emphatically draw the world of Westeros into the long-awaited Winter.

Actor Jim Broadbent has been cast in an unnamed role, and both Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have shared their shock at and excitement for the penultimate season.

Meanwhile, George R.R. Martin continues tapping away at The Winds of Winter, and HBO ponders material for a Game of Thrones spinoff. Decisions, decisions!

Game of Thrones season 7 will air in 2017 on HBO.

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