During last nights Fandom Awards on MTV, Dylan O’Brien introduced the first clip of The Scorch Trials to audiences around the world.

After premiering on network TV, the Scorch Trials clip hit the Internet shortly after.

Update: At the request of Fox, this clip has been removed.

The clip picks up shortly after where The Maze Runner left off. The Gladers have arrived in what Mr. Janson (played by Aidan Gillen) refers to as the sanctuary, “Safe from the horrors of the outside world.” Of course, they remain skeptical. As they should. Because what exactly is protecting them from the horrors of the inside world?

Janson, or as book readers know him as, Ratman, continues along with his monologue, “The fact that you kids could survive that damn virus makes you the best chance of humanity’s continued survival. Unfortunately, it also makes you a target. As no doubt by now you’ve noticed.”

The short scene closes with a final line from the man in charge, “Beyond this door lies the beginning of your new lives.”

It’s ominous and creepy, but the scene is quite alive with energy. From the busy characters in the background, to the camera work that follows the group as they move around, the quick pace and dialogue makes viewers salivate with anticipation for what’s to come.

This clip was also shared with Comic-Con attendees who got to watch the first 30 minutes of the film. For more info about that experience, you can read our recap here.

That event also wrapped with a Q&A session with Wes Ball and James Dashner who both cautioned against expecting a strict adaptation from book to screen. “Our characters are now on the run from W.C.K.D., having escaped, having learned the truth about why they’re there, and it basically echoes from the first movie, the small changes we made there,” Ball shared. “So we think we made the hard choices. It was not an easy choice to change James’ stuff in the book, but we thought we made the right choices for a good movie, basically.”

And luckily the changes received the James Dashner seal of approval, “I think Wes and the team have done just a fantastic job of just taking the second and third books, kind of putting them into a blender, and pouring them out into two perfect movies.”

What did you think of the first ‘Scorch Trials’ clip?

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