Joel McHale stopped by Ellen DeGeneres’ show yesterday where he debuted the first new footage from season 4 of Community.

It’s incredibly short at only 30 seconds, but that’s not going to stop up from analyzing every single inch of those 30 seconds.

The clip features a characteristically rugged Jeff Winger choosing Dean Pelton as a tango partner in what is certainly part of the Hunger Games parody of the episode. Dean Pelton, of course, has the dress for the occasion, which is right under his first dress that two muscle-bound men wearing unicorn pelts strip off of him.

Just the mere fact that we got to write the previous sentence is yet another clue that new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio have no intention of abandoning Community‘s bizarre charm. Fat Neil and Vicki share a dance and even Leonard appears to get swept up in the Hunger Games fervor.

So far one noticeable change in season 4 from previous seasons (and again, this is only based on one 30 second clip and a handful of promotional pictures) is that it seems to be far more Jeff-centric. The show was originally established with Jeff as a clear-cut main character with a cast of lovable misfits filling in around him. It later evolved into much more of an ensemble effort, but NBC may be pushing to simplify it in a bid to regain casual viewers.

But that’s speculation for another time. The fact remains that now we have 30 seconds of Community season 4 where we previously had 0.

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