12:34 pm EST, February 9, 2018

‘Firefly’ is coming back… as a book series

A Firefly book series will continue the stories of Joss Whedon’s brief-lived space Western — and Whedon himself is involved.

Joss Whedon will serve as the consulting editor on the new Firefly book series, Entertainment Weekly reported today. And fans won’t even have that long to wait before returning to the ‘Verse that captivated so many.

The first installment in the Firefly book series, titled Firefly: Big Damn Hero will be written by Nancy Holder, and will be published in October of this year. Fittingly, the first novel will focus on Captain Malcolm Reynolds, who “finds himself in a dangerous situation after being kidnapped by a bunch of embittered veteran Browncoats.”

Next up is Firefly: The Magnificent Nine, by James Lovegrove, coming in March 2019. “Jayne receives a distress call from his ex Temperance McCloud that leads the Serenity crew to danger on a desert moon,” publisher Titan Books says. The third planned installment, Firefly: Generations, by Tim Lebbon will be published in October 2019 and contributes another sci-fi twist.

“The discovery of the location of one of the legendary Ark ships that brought humans from Earth-that-was to the ’Verse promises staggering salvage potential, but at what cost? River Tam thinks she might know…”

The novels will be published by Titan Books in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox. Titan Books commissioning editor Cat Camacho says that the publisher is “delighted to be bringing new, official stories to fans of a show that has continued to grow in popularity over the years, finding new audiences in an unprecedented way. Firefly is a hugely unique IP and Titan Books is excited to be becoming part of its legacy.”

Joss Whedon’s Firefly ran for a brief twelve episodes in 2002 and 2003, before being canceled by Fox. The series blossomed in popularity after its cancelation, and tales of the Serenity crew have continued in the 2005 film Serenity, as well as many comics.

Fifteen years later, the adage holds true: No power in the ‘Verse can stop it.

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