Gina Torres, known to Firefly fans as Zoe Washburne, will be reuniting with Nathan Fillion on an upcoming episode of Castle.

Torres will be playing Samantha Foster, a “ruthless fashion mogul,” on a February episode of the show. Torres most recently has been seen on the USA Network’s Suits where she plays Jessica Pearson, a high powered attorney trying to take control of her law firm. Last season Adam Baldwin guest starred as crazy Detective Ethan Slaughter. He and Castle were paired together because Castle needed a break from Beckett. Let’s hope Torres’ character is as memorable as Baldwin’s.

Also in 2013 we will get to meet Castle’s father. What kind of man might he be? “I’m pretty sure he’s ruggedly handsome,” said Andrew Marlowe in a recent interview with TV Guide.

We will also see the reappearance of Castle’s ex-wife who may cause some waves between Castle and Beckett.

Castle is also nominated for‘s Best of 2012 awards. Castle in nominated in 2 categories, Best Couple and Best Procedural.

What other Firefly alumni would you like to see on Castle? Maybe Jewel Staite or Alan Tudyk? Castle returns in January with brand new episodes. Until then you can catch the past season of Castle on TNT.

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