3:45 pm EDT, June 10, 2019

‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ release date announced (yes, it’s actually happening)

If you’ve had your doubts that it would ever materialize, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date should put your worries to rest.

Square Enix is known for their bloated development times, but the final product is always worth it. Subject to this was the Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date, which has finally been announced as of last night’s concert for the game.

‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ release date

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date is March 3, 2020. It will release worldwide on that date, with further details to come in tonight’s Square Enix E3 2019 conference.

A trailer for the remake revealed when the game will hit, with the new footage giving us a bit of a better look at how the gameplay and cutscenes will look in Cloud’s updated adventure.

The trailer ends with Aerith and Cloud meeting, but just as they’re starting to get along, dark forces swirl around the heroine. The emotion on both of their faces is strong, meaning that the (SPOILER, but not really unless you’ve been living under a rock) Aerith death scene will be just that much more heartbreaking.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake will release exclusively on the PS4, with a strong likelihood that it will eventually get ported over to other consoles, such as Xbox One and PC. As the first game was originally a PS1 exclusive, it makes sense that Sony would once again get first dibs on the remake, but with an IP this iconic, it’s only a matter of time before Square Enix and Sony loosen the reigns a bit on Cloud’s Midgar epic.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is still expected to release in episodic chunks, although there was no mention of this in the recent press material for the game.

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