2:15 pm EST, November 15, 2018

The ‘Final Fantasy 13’ remaster trilogy that you’ve been waiting for is on the Xbox One

The trilogy of the Final Fantasy 13 games have never looked so crisp, clear, and HD, thanks to a remaster of the three on the Xbox One.

The Final Fantasy 13 remaster trilogy is available through all of the original Xbox 360 discs, as the three games are now backwards compatible with the Xbox One line of systems.

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The aforementioned enhancements make a pretty big difference. The cutscenes were rendered in a much higher quality for the Final Fantasy 13 remaster trilogy games, most notably on the Xbox One X console. Textures, facial animations, backgrounds, and particle effects are all much more detailed than ever before in any of the Final Fantasy 13 games.

Check out some of the stunning 4K gameplay to see the high quality Final Fantasy 13 cutscenes that we’ve all been dreaming of for years now.

This was all made possible by the acquisition of higher quality assets of the original cutscenes. Jason Ronald, Xbox’s senior director of program management, took to Twitter to announce the Xbox One X 4K HD cutscenes.

The last title in the Final Fantasy 13 series to release was Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The game released in 2014 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and in then in 2015 on Steam. I’m sure fans will be clamoring to get their hands on those original three Final Fantasy 13 Xbox 360 games so as to test out the Xbox One upgrades for themselves!

The hotly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remaster will see Cloud and friends return to the limelight in an episodic format, bringing a new twist to a familiar old series. The Final Fantasy VII remaster will release on the PlayStation 4 in a yet to be announced release window.

Source: Twinfinite

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