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The final ‘Aquaman’ trailer’s most exciting bits: Ocean Master, Mera, and trident goodness

The final Aquaman trailer dropped yesterday, highlighting Arthur’s journey to becoming king and looking like Lord of the Rings underwater. Here are our five favorite moments!

So basically Aquaman combined all of my major interests into one amazing looking movie and I am even more excited to watch it — which I didn’t even think was possible.

I mean, as if the last glorious five-minute trailer wasn’t enough, yesterday’s final Aquaman trailer arrived to introduce a few new characters, show off just how badass Mera’s hydrokinesis is, and prove to us why Jason Momoa’s description of Aquaman as Star Wars underwater is 110% accurate.

If you haven’t seen it yet (or even if you have), check out the final epic trailer below (and then go ahead and re-watch it a few more times, because I definitely know that you’ll want to):

While we didn’t get too many new story beats in this newest Aquaman trailer, we did get a few looks at Vulko, Ocean Master and King Nereus, plus more tidbits about Arthur’s background, upbringing and road to becoming king of Atlantis.

And really, we didn’t need many more reveals about the story itself, because what we know is enough to whet our appetites and get us hyped for the movie.

In fact, this Aquaman trailer was an absolutely perfect final trailer — it gave us just a bit more new information without spoiling the entire movie. I’m more sure than ever that all the best parts haven’t yet been shown, which makes me all the more excited for the film.

Let’s dive into all the Aquaman goodness in this newest trailer which will have to tide us over until the December release.

Ocean Master all suited up

We got to see a lot of Black Manta in previous trailers — especially in that glorious, extended five-minute trailer. And while we did see a lot of Patrick Wilson’s Orm, this is the first time we get a good look at him fully decked out in his Ocean Master gear. And he somehow looks both ridiculous and badass — a combination I didn’t even realize was possible.

In fact, one of the things that I really love about James Wan’s approach to Aquaman is that he hasn’t shied away from what we might consider the general silliness of the characters, their costumes and their world. Rather than playing it straight or playing it all as a joke, he’s navigated the line between realism and absurdity with deftness — giving us a world, its heroes and its villains that look ripped right out of the comics. Bless you, James Wan.

Vulko training young Arthur

Aquaman Vulko

While we’ve known that Willem Dafoe has been in Aquaman for quite some time now, this is the first time we really get a good look at him and see the impact he’s made on Arthur’s life. His character has been training Arthur since he was a young child, molding him into the king that he’s meant to be.

James Wan actually described Vulko’s role as being similar to an “old school samurai warrior, like an Obi Wan Kenobi training Luke Skywalker.”

And while that seems all well and good, I’m curious to see how closely Willem Dafoe’s character will follow more recent iterations of Vulko’s character. Because while Vulko himself maintains his allegiance to Atlantis and Arthur, certain storylines actually have Vulko manipulating both Orm and Arthur into war with one another. So is this Vulko truly an ally and mentor to Arthur, or is he using him for his own ends? Guess we’ll all find out together in December.

Mera and her badass hydrokinesis

We got to see a few examples of Mera’s hydrokinesis in previous trailers and in Justice League, but we’ve never gotten to see her at full capacity and on the offensive. And while the scene of her in this trailer wasn’t very long, what we did see was completely badass and I’m sure just a taste of all the amazing fighting and water bending that we’ll get to see in the movie. Between Mera’s hydrokinesis and Nicole Kidman’s Queen Atlanna’s fight scene, this movie promises to be full of awesome action scenes from the ladies.

More trident goodness

Aquaman trident

I am a complete high fantasy nerd, so every bit of world building goodness that we’ve seen from this movie has only increased my hype levels by about a factor of ten each time. In fact, that seems to be one of the things that initially drew James Wan to the project. In a recent interview, he spoke about being excited to get “revamp this underdog character” while also getting “the opportunity to design the different worlds visually and create the different kingdoms. I’m a big fan of world creation.”

And while I jokingly called the trident ‘the one ring’ in my last Aquaman article, the more we hear about, the more apt the comparison.

In this trailer, we get to hear a little bit more about the power of the trident and how it ties to Arthur’s destiny to become king and hero of Atlantis. No high fantasy tale is complete without a good ole’ fashioned quest for some all-powerful talisman, and I love that Aquaman is fully leaning into its high fantasy influences by having Arthur and Mera embark on one.

Epic underwater battles

In the last few trailers, we got to see some amazing action sequences between our heroes and the villains — chase scenes, hand to hand combat, lasers shooting out of mechanical eyes.

In this final Aquaman trailer, we were treated to some truly epic battle scenes, complete with underwater kaiju and some truly terrifying monsters of the deep.

While James Wan’s horror background might’ve initially been somewhat puzzling when thinking of one of DC’s most underrated and frequently maligned superhero, it’s turned out to be a match made in heaven seeing the visuals, scope and storyline.

Plus, all those amazing monsters we’ve seen in the trailer? Apparently it barely scratches the surface. Wan himself said that he hasn’t really “shown you the monsters in this, but it definitely plays heavily into the film. They’re a big part of this world that Arthur gets to explore.

Is it December 15 yet?

‘Aquaman’ tickets are now on sale for December 21, but you can see it a week early if you are an Amazon Prime member!

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