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‘Fighting the Fire’ book review: Laura Kaye’s triumph reads like a dream

There is just so much to love about Fighting the Fire. From the battle to get it published to the characters on the page, Laura Kaye should be so proud of this seriously wonderful story.

Laura Kaye knocked it out of the park with this book. Anyone who has been following the saga of this story knows that it took blood, sweat, and literal tears to get this one to publication, but I’m so very grateful that Laura stuck it out. Dani and Sean are exactly what my little reader heart needed right now.

Okay, so Sean Riddick is a sarcastic as hell firefighter, willing to sprint into danger without a second thought. Dani is a former battle medic turned ER nurse who is always up to a good fight. These two have chemistry they both deny with everything they have, but some things circumvent even the strongest willpower. You will absolutely melt at what Sean and Dani’s story will take you through.

Fighting the Fire

‘Fighting the Fire’ book review

I have had a hard time reading during the pandemic. Despite the extra hours at home, my concentration for reading has been shot, so it’s been extra difficult for me to start, let alone finish, books these days.

But, not even my pandemic reading slump was a match for Fighting the Fire. The book that almost wasn’t, Fighting the Fire just might be my favorite of the series thus far. It’s fiery and fun, oozing banter and providing all the sweet nothings and subtle glances I want from my favorite trope.

And before I get too mushy about how much I love these two and their love story, I want to mention how awesome it is to have two characters fall in love in the midst of an MCU marathon. Considering that many of us probably had our own version of this very event at some point in 2020, it was so perfectly relatable to watch two characters bond over some quality couch time.

Not to mention the movie quotes! While I’m a little more West Wing and Parks and Rec in my daily quotations, I was tickled pink at how easily Sean and Dani slid those moments into their daily lives. Movie (and TV) quotes are half my personality, I swear, so those moments had this reader swooning hardcore.

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The glimpses we got of Sean and Dani’s will-they-won’t-they in previous books was the perfect build up to get us to their happy ending. They’re both stubborn, willful people, so it had to take something huge to get them to set aside their own beliefs about what they want out of life and see what was right in front of them.

I think one of my favorite things about romance is that characters are almost never just two-dimensional. Sean and Dani both have frustratingly painful pasts keeping them from opening their hearts to the love that is literally punching them in the gut. It takes the painful realization that they could lose something they never had to jerk them into action.

And once that realization dawns for each of them, it’s full steam ahead. And steam is just about the only way to describe the incredibly hot and powerful connection in the pages of Fighting the Fire.

And I think Fighting the Fire‘s story hits home even more forcefully right now. As we appear to be rounding a corner in regards to public health and safety, now we all look back at the hundreds of thousands we lost last year. There are a lot of families that are missing a piece, and knowing that Dani and Sean both survived a similar struggle will hopefully bring hope to those that are mourning powerful and painful losses.

I’m so, SO very glad that Laura Kaye did not give up on this book. Despite the tragedy of losing half the manuscript, and the excruciating physical pain of surgery and rehabilitation, our Warrior Fight Club author lady fought to deliver this tale. Thank you, Laura Kaye, for never giving up on Sean and Dani. Thank you for rewriting what was lost and for giving us this incredible story about grief, recovery, and living life to the fullest. If Dani wasn’t a good enough example of perseverance, you definitely were.

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