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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’s’ sex scenes: Hypable’s complete, overly-detailed guide

Few people read Playboy for the articles and fewer still are going to see Fifty Shades of Grey, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, for the sleek but bleak cinematography.

With record breaking advance ticket sales and a high return expected when the film opens, there is one thing on people’s mind: sex. So, let’s break down the movie’s most talked about sex scenes, based on kink and romance.

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The ‘White Cotton’ Scene

Run time: approximately 3 minutes


After touching on his predilections for some advanced sex, Christian discovers that Ana is a virgin, and in overwrought dialogue says that he is going to “rectify the situation.” The scene starts with Grey kissing Ana’s solar plex as her legs are covered in a light fuzz and clad in all white, indicative of her virginity. It was reminiscent of Cruel Intentions, when typical bad boy Sebastian sleeps with Annette, the goodie good played by Reese Witherspoon. Dramatic, slow music plays throughout and we see thrusting, mostly in silhouette. The scene ends with a dramatic cut to a reflection above the bed.

Kink: 0/5 — Nothing too scandalous, unless you think the occasional pubic hair shot is over the top.

Romance: 4/5 — It’s what everyone wants their first time to be.

The ‘Piano’ Scene

Run time: Less than a minute


Shortly after losing her virginity, Ana hears Christian playing piano in his expansive living room. She walks over and straddles him with her ass in full view. He picks her up and carries her to an unknown part of the house where they have some more sex (off camera).

Kink: 1/5 — It’s kind of hot to bang with an entire cityscape as your background.

Romance: 4/5 — Still testing the waters with the sex.

The ‘Mother’s Home’ Scene

Run time: About one minute


The infamous gray tie, a motif brought up again later on, makes its first appearance. Christian ties Ana’s hands together and tells her to keep them above her head. He starts to go down on her, but she moves her hands. Grey, aggravated, forces her hands down. The scene ends with a door opening off screen. Christian’s mother, played by the incomparable Marcia Gay Harden, interrupts the fun.

Kink: 3/5 — Finally getting to what viewers want. The bondage was light, but gets viewers prepared for the next scene.

Romance: 1/5 – It’s cute to see Ana enjoying herself, but Christian’s dom comes out.

The ‘Haunted’ Scene

Run time: About 3 minutes


With two glasses of white wine in hand, Christian sneaks into Ana’s bedroom in her apartment, the infamous gray tie stuffed into his back pocket. He ties Ana up to the frame of her bed and pushes her shirt to cover her eyes. He takes an ice cube in his mouth and drags it across her chest and lower body. “Haunted” by Beyoncé plays throughout.

Kink: 4/5 — Never thought an ice cube could bring that kind of heat.

Romance: 3/5 — He surprises her with the wine. That’s classy.

The ‘Eye Roll’ scene

Run time: Less than a minute


A quick scene. Ana rolls her eyes post-negotiation, and Christian tells her that if she rolls her eyes again, he is going to bend her over his knee and spank her. He does just that, pulling down her tights and giving her three slaps to the bottom.

Kink: 3/5 — Spanking may not be in everyone’s repertoire, but don’t pretend like you’ve never tried it.

Romance: 2/5 — Ana giggles and sees it as part of their budding romantic relationship. This quickly changes.

The ‘Red Room of Pain’ scene

Run time: About 6 minutes


It’s Grey and Ana’s first time having sex in the playroom! Grey tells Ana all of his stipulations for her. She must welcome him to the room on her knees, in nothing but a single braid and panties. Christian, we learn, is great at tying women’s hair. Ana is apprehensive but excited. Christian strokes Ana’s back, shoulder, and arm with a riding crop, and smacks her palm. He asks if she likes it and she says yes. Throughout the scene, the intro to Beyoncé’s 2014 “Crazy in Love” remix plays— climaxing in Ana and Grey’s sex. The scene cuts together multiple techniques, from hair pulling to light suspension to spanking and ropes. At one point, Grey whispers to Ana, “See? The fear’s all in your head.” Ana seems to enjoy it, but leaves the space with major concerns about her relationship with Christian.

Kink: 5/5 — This is what viewers of Fifty Shades came out to see.

Romance: 1/5 — Not saying that there can’t be romance in all types of sex, but this portrayal left little room for it.

The ‘Belt’ scene

Run time: 2 minutes


An encounter between Grey and Ana in the playroom. Grey hits Ana with a belt and a cat o’ nine tail whip. The scene is oddly sensual, but aggressive. Ana continue to crack under the pressure of Grey’s kink. The scene is presented to viewers in slow motion.

Kink: 4/5 — Those are some specialized tools Mr. Grey uses.

Romance: 1/5 — The romance is slowly petering out of Ana by this point.

The Last Straw

Run time: 2 minutes


Ana asks Grey to do the worst to her so she knows what the worst is in his world. He takes her to the red room of pain and bends her over a table. He takes a broad paddle and tells her that he is going to hit her six times and that she must count out loud with him. With every hit, Ana cries more. By the end of the encounter, Ana storms off. This was her shipwreck moment and she walks out of Grey’s apartment and life.

Kink: 4/5 — The broad paddle looks painful.

Romance: 0/5 — Not to yuck anyone’s yum, but Ana’s clear devastation does not set a romantic mood.

Honorable mention: The negotiation

Run time: About 4 minutes


The contract may be one of the most read-passages in the book and will be one of the most discussed parts of the movie. It’s not an explicit physical sex scene, but has the makings of a good time. Ana plays this as a business meeting, mixing the two worlds to negotiate what is in her dominant-submissive contract with Grey. It’s sexy one-upmanship with highlights including Ana’s denial of anal and vaginal fisting and her questioning of what butt plugs are.

Kink: 4/5 — Don’t Google Image Search some of these if you’re curious.

Romance: 1/5 — The body language says it all, just like Grey points out.

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