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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ casting call: Hypable’s Top 5 picks to play Christian Grey (poll)

Alexander Skarsgard recently said that he “was born to play” the part of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey, and both Ian Somerhalder and Chris Pine have thrown their hats in the ring. While we definitely agree with two of the above, below are five of Hypable writer Sarah’s suggestions as to who should play the sexed-up leading man in the book-to-screen adaptation of EL James’ Fifty Shades series.

Other names, from Chris Hemsworth to Henry Cavill and even Christian Bale, have also been suggested for the role of the sexy 27-year-old billionaire, but with no official announcement, fans and media outlets continue to wait with bated breath. There has been little mention of who should play Ana, the young, innocent star of the erotic novel that’s sweeping the nation, but a few names have been tossed around, from terrible ideas (Dakota Fanning) to the more reasonable (Zooey Deschanel, Emma Stone). While of course Ana is important, the whole film hinges on Christian, and that’s why below is a list of the five candidates best suited to take on the complex role of Mr. Grey.

Matt Bomer

From Chuck to White Collar then on to a guest spot on Glee, Matt Bomer has always been more comedic than troubled. However, he absolutely fits the bill when it comes to Christian’s jawline and “Greek god” appearance, so it’s just a matter of whether he could really go dark for a role. The three characters that I’ve seen him portray were all very different, so he definitely has some acting chops, and I’m sure he could handle “playful” Christian. He can also be powerful and devious, as seen in Chuck. For all we know, he may not even be willing to take on this sort of role, but if he is, I would definitely support it.


Alexander Skarsgard

If there is one man who truly epitomizes Christian Grey, it’s Alexander Skarsgard (also pictured above, center). Let’s be honest – the role was practically written for him, and he said it himself, he was born for it. As Eric Northman in True Blood, we have seen Skarsgard be vicious, controlling and dark, but also sweet and caring. In the first few seasons, he was completely Dominant, but in the last season, he proved that he could easily pull off Submissive Christian. As a bonus: he’s tall, slender and has the right hair color. The downside is that Skarsgard has said on multiple occasions that he doesn’t want to by typecast as his True Blood character, so let’s hope he’s willing to make an exception for this role.

Shane West

Bear with me on this one. I’m not talking about Nicholas Sparks-infused A Walk to Remember Shane West, but rather the Shane West that has emerged on The CW’s Nikita, kicking ass and taking names on a weekly basis. He, like all the other suggestions on this list, is tall, dark and handsome, with an added bonus: his gruff voice, which depending on the situation can sound sinister, violent or sexy. He can definitely be intense, and has a very commanding presence, however he is also good at portraying sweet and protective. He can pull off Christian’s copper-colored hair without a hitch, and the boy looks sharp in a suit.


Ian Somerhalder

One of the main things that makes Somerhalder (also pictured above, right) a front-runner for this film is the fact that he wants to do it. He’s said in multiple interviews that he would love this role, and it’s always a bonus to have an actor who is especially passionate about his character. Not to mention, his smoldering eyes are just as swoon-worthy as those depicted in James’ series. In his role as Damon on The Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder has proven himself capable of portraying troubled-yet-lovable. He can be carefree and fun, as seen in Lost, but he expertly pulls off man-with-a-dark side. The way he is controlling and protective over Elena in TVD is just how Christian behaves toward Ana. His hair color’s not quite right, but surely that’s not the most important part of casting this character.

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Armie Hammer

He hasn’t been known for deep lead roles, but from what Armie Hammer displayed as both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, he definitely has the potential to make a great Christian Grey. Hammer is able to be intense and controlling, and I could easily see him domineering an innocent Ana Steele one minute and playing with fast cars and helicopters the next. I’m interested to see what this actor will do next as his career continues to grow, and Fifty Shades could be an interesting move that would open him up to less guest roles and position him as a stellar leading man. He is tall, with a powerful appearance and copper hair, so he could easily pull off Grey’s looks. It’s just a matter of how far he’s willing to go – or rather, how naked he’s willing to get – in his next film.


Who do you think should play Christian Grey? What about Ana Steele? Vote in our poll and then sound off in the comments below!

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