11:00 am EDT, October 7, 2018

25 questions ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 5 needs to answer

Tell us where Daniel is and when we'll see him again, and we can forget the rest.

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead had many questionable moments, but we’ll stick to questions that pertain to the future.

Obviously the biggest questions on your mind after watching season 4 are either pleas for dead characters to come back, or snide confusion about the ethanol tank. Why didn’t they put a bowl under the tank as the ethanol flowed? How did everyone always have just enough gas whenever they drove Al’s tank?

We’re never going to get answers to those questions, so here are 25 more we want answers to in season 5 that we may actually get.

  1. How long will this happy and hopeful season 4 ending last?
  2. Will Morgan ever grow to like his Momo nickname?
  3. Who were those people Al was watching on her tapes and getting emotional over?
  4. Assuming they are friends and/or family, what happened to them?
  5. Will Morgan ever stick to one plan for a full season?
  6. Will Strand stop finding solace in a bottle?
  7. Are June and Dorie going to have the first apocalypse wedding?
  8. Will June ever get to eat her favorite candy again?
  9. How long must John live with the guilt that he ate the last of June’s favorite candy?
  10. Where’s Daniel?
  11. Will we ever even see Daniel again?
  12. When will the group stop looking to Morgan for all the answers?
  13. Is Morgan still going to be the group’s leader, or will Alicia finally get the position she’s made for?
  14. Are we ever going to see a tape from a Walking Dead character, not just a label?
  15. Who’s going to be the first to give Charlie another beer on the sly?
  16. Will Morgan ever see Rick or Alexandria again?
  17. Will the next villain have a catchphrase that we’ll get sick of hearing every episode?
  18. What will John’s next movie reference be?
  19. Is Morgan’s other leg ever going to get injured?
  20. Is Luciana going to have a storyline that extends past one episode?
  21. Is no one ever going to talk about how they reunited after being separated by the dam?
  22. What other name will June reveal she has in season 5?
  23. How long until this new settlement falls apart?
  24. Who is going to be the one to destroy the new settlement?
  25. Are we ever going to see Tobias again?

What questions do you have for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 5?

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