6:15 pm EDT, October 8, 2015

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2: Will a boat bring safety?

Last Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead finale laid early groundwork for season 2.

AMC announced their Walking Dead spinoff had been renewed for a second (and longer) season before Fear even premiered. So, the series was able to plan ahead and work in some interesting clues about its sophomore run in the finale.

“The Good Man’s” most notable hint about Fear the Walking Dead season 2 came when Strand pointed Nick toward his yacht offshore. As you’ll recall, Strand had teamed up with Nick, Travis, Madison, and Daniel after they all left the hospital. He’s an intriguing character, but we’re still confused about his motives.

Following the finale, the biggest question viewers have has to do with that boat. It seems like such a simple solution: Walkers can’t swim, right? Right? In that case the boat could be a great option! Moving the group over to a yacht could be like hiding in a castle with impenetrable walls. It’s almost too good of a solution to be true.


A check of The Walking Dead comic series reveals that Robert Kirkman’s apocalyptic world has never explored boat options before (save for Telltale Games’s Walking Dead adaptation), so this is new territory for readers and viewers alike.

While a boat may protect those who are on board, unfortunately it won’t protect those who have to make visits to land. Inevitably yacht residents will have to make supply runs which means they risk running into a walker or an enemy.

There’s also the risk of people onshore noticing the boat and deciding to check it out for themselves. Strand and co. won’t be able to hide the boat unless they travel far out to sea, which sounds like a risky move (in case they hit storms, bad water, get lost, etc).

And this is Los Angeles, so lots of people will consider hopping on their boats. Or there will be people who decide to steal other people’s boats and make a run for it.

And what happens when the boats become difficult to find? It’ll become a dog-eat-dog world, and this show will have to give us pirates!

Madison and Travis’s best bet in this Walking Dead viewer’s opinion? Keep the boat comfortably out at sea, and have someone on lookout at all times for human enemies. If someone gets close to the boat, kill them.

One thing’s for sure: The boat will definitely play into Fear season 2. Speaking this week at New York Comic-Con, Robert Kirkman told fans:

Let’s see some boat-pirating action!

Fear the Walking Dead returns next year.

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