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4 ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ characters we want to see return for season 4

It may not seem like it, but Fear the Walking Dead hasn't killed all the good characters yet.

Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead brought us back to basics, so let’s bring back some lost favorites to revive the group dynamic.

Unfortunately for Fear the Walking Dead, many fans are struggling to connect with the current characters. Unfortunately for fans, Fear the Walking Dead has killed almost all of the new characters we were introduced to in season 3, leaving us with the same core group we’re struggling to love.

However, not all the awesome characters who have appeared on Fear the Walking Dead have died. Only their presence has died. There are four characters in particular who should pull an infected and reanimate for season 4.


Last Appearance: Season 1, episode 2, “So Close, Yet So Far”

Tobias is a rare character we were introduced to in the very first episode. Rarer still, Tobias never died. At least, he never had a death scene. As far as we know, Tobias is roaming L.A. somewhere, imposing his conspiracy theories on people who didn’t ask.

Of all the characters introduced to Fear the Walking Dead in season 1, Tobias made one of the strongest first impressions. He was one of the only characters who was prepared for an infected outbreak. He saw the warning signs, armed himself, and tried stocking up on food.

In two series with an overwhelming amount of characters who aren’t prepared, and refuse to prepare, for a situation that’s put right in front of them, Tobias was a refreshing change. Given how ready he was for this outbreak, it’d be interesting to know where he is now and what he’s up to. Ideally he’d be able to knock some sense into our current ‘heroes.’


Last Appearance: Season 3, episode 16, “Sleigh Ride”

Despite Luciana having been in the finale episode, she was absent most of season 3, and her “Sleigh Ride” appearance was only a dream sequence. The last we truly saw of Luciana, she unceremoniously left Broke Jaw Ranch, presumably headed to Mexicali where she hopes an old friend still resides (alive).

The only character left alive who had substantial interaction with Luciana is Nick. Given how easily he let her go, and how easily it seems he’s gotten over her, it’s hard to imagine what impact her return would have on the show. When Luciana first met Nick’s family, she didn’t seem too impressed. After all, she was insistent both she and Nick leave them and head to Mexicali.

Should Luciana reunite with the Clarks, she’ll probably like them even less, and won’t want them to join whatever group she’s currently in. The real question is whether she’ll still like the person Nick has become in her absence.


Last Appearance: Season 2, episode 5, “Captive”

Jack was part of Jesse McCartney’s Reed’s crew in season 2. He gained Alicia’s trust over the radio, then swiftly led Reed and the gang to the Abigail. They quickly took over the boat, with the intention of killing everyone on board, save for Alicia and Travis, who were taken back to Jack’s base.

While Jack’s group was an unsavory bunch, Jack himself didn’t seem as bad. It appeared he really did care about Alicia, and despite attacking our group, he didn’t do anything worse than anyone else on Fear the Walking Dead has done.

We never got to see Jack without the toxic influence of Reed. With Reed dead, did Jack take over his sadistic role, or did he become kinder? Is Jack still on the water commandeering other people’s boats? Might the Proctors run into him somewhere on the water?

Jack would be a great character to return because he had an established lifestyle when we first met him. It’s been quite some time since we last checked in, so who knows where he may have ended up? Perhaps he’s in an established community now, in a power position, able to help out the group (or just Alicia).


Last Appearance: Season 2, episode 5, “Captive”

Alex was one of the other few characters who seemed to know what the outbreak was before it began. In Flight 462, Alex was proactive in taking care of infected business aboard the plane. Like Tobias, she was easy to love for her take action attitude.

Once on Fear the Walking Dead, Alex continued exhibiting a survivalist nature, insisting the Abigail crew take her and her friend on board. The compromise was to have Alex and her friend towed on a raft behind the boat, that is, until Strand cut them loose, left to die in the middle of the ocean.

We last saw Alex with Jack’s group, having been taken in after being stranded. She understandably harbored resentment, directing her anger toward Travis. If the Clarks and Strand were to encounter Alex again, would she immediately try to kill them? Is she still with Jack’s group? Might she even be leading Jack’s group? Alex is one of the only characters who would be able to put Madison in her place. A battle of wits between the two of them would be so satisfying to watch.

Who do you most want to see make a reappearance in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 4?

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