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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ quotes: Madison Clark isn’t running anymore

It's gluten-fricking-free, guys!

Madison Clark: undiplomatic, fearless leader, day drinker. Some of Fear the Walking Dead‘s best quotes have come from this matriarch.

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The season 4 midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead took Madison away from us. In an effort to save her kids, Madison willingly walked to her death. Leading a horde of infected away from Nick and Alicia (and others that didn’t matter that much to her, let’s be real), Madison’s farewell was emotional and befitting her character.

Madison’s leadership over the seasons has been questionable sometimes, but her presence will be missed. She was relentless, tough, loving, and irreplaceable. Let’s take a look at some of her best quotes.

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  1. Madison: Sometimes a leader has to show force to gain respect.
    – 3×11 “La Serpiente”
  2. Victor: Talking out loud to ghosts up here, keep myself awake.
    Madison: Yeah, I heard that, too.
    Victor: It’s a characteristic of the gifted.
    Madison: And the crazy.
    – 2×01 “Monster”
  3. Madison: No one’s gone till they’re gone.
    – 4×02 “Another Day in the Diamond”
  4. Madison: Sides don’t matter. The only thing that matters is a future.
    – 3×08 “Children of Wrath”
  5. Madison: I have two [kids] of my own. I liked them better when they were little.
    – 2×02 “We All Fall Down”
  6. Madison: It’s gluten-fricking-free.
    – 1×01 “Pilot”
  7. Madison: I’m not known for my diplomacy.
    – 2×04 “Ouroboros”
  8. Madison: Being a leader is knowing when to stop.
    – 3×05 “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”
  9. Madison: You got two options in life, Victor. You can be lonely or irritated.
    – 3×15 “Things Bad Begun”
  10. Madison: I want to do more than survive. I need to start over.
    – 2×05 “Blood in the Streets”
  11. Victor:Why’d you save me?
    Madison: ‘Cause I know who you are, Victor. That, and I really like drinking with you.
    – 4×06 “Just in Case”
  12. Madison: We’ve fought too hard, lost too much. We’re not running anymore.
    – 3×08 “Children of Wrath”
  13. Madison: You leave them alone, they head straight towards death.
    – 2×09 “Los Muertos”
  14. Madison: Killing people’s not complicated. It’s simple.
    – 3×03 “TEOTWAWKI”
  15. Celia: What wouldn’t you do for your children?
    Madison: Nothing.
    – 2×07 “Shiva”
  16. Madison: We’re all prisoners somewhere.
    – 3×07 “The Unveiling”
  17. Madison: Ends justify means.
    – 3×09 “Minotaur”
  18. Madison: No, you’re not losing me. I’m not losing you. Not ever.
    – 2×11 “Pablo & Jessica”

Goodbye, Madison Clark, may you rest in peace not knowing your favorite child is dead

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