9:00 am EDT, May 16, 2018

‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Move over, Grimes, there’s a new sheriff in town

He's not just a great shot, he's got a great vocabulary

Not all sheriffs are created equally, and Fear the Walking Dead has blessed us with a new and improved Rick Grimes. His name is John Dorie. Like the fish.

One of Fear the Walking Dead’s biggest problems was that audiences just didn’t like any of the characters. Our core group were difficult to love, but they weren’t horrible enough to love to hate either. Season 4 brought us some newbies to spice things up, and one character in particular is shining. Meet John Dorie. Like the fish, but not with a “y”.

In only five episodes, John Dorie is already a fan favorite and the best character on Fear the Walking Dead. If we’re being honest with ourselves though, he became our favorite after the first 10 minutes of his premiere episode. Here are just a few reasons why John Dorie has stolen our hearts:

Doesn’t like killing

A commonly annoying trait of any character on The Walking Dead is a refusal to kill walkers/infected because #humanity. Thankfully, John Dorie doesn’t go that far.

John values life, living or undead, and has his own code (and reasons) for not using guns. He’ll kill walkers when necessary, just not with a loaded weapon. As a former police officer, it’s refreshing to see someone who’s not so quick to fire. Bullets are valuable and not easily replaceable (unless you know a guy named Eugene). Oftentimes though, Walking Dead characters fire off shots as if life is a video game on easy mode and bullets automatically replenish. John Dorie values life and resources.

Sharpshooter extraordinaire

He may not like to shoot or kill, but when the situation calls for it, he’ll make that kill shot every time. With either hand. Rick should take notes. We could have saved so much time in the fight with Negan if he’d been half as good a shot as John.

Ooooh, shots fired! Sorry Rick fans, but it’s true.

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He just wants a friend

How can you not love a grown man who is so open with his emotions and a pure desire for a friend? He may look like your typical masculine cowboy, but inside he’s all sunshine and rainbows. You can totally picture him dropping whatever he’s doing just to pet a dog he sees on the street.

John has been alone for so long, he’s desperate for company. That said, he won’t settle for just anyone’s company. Yeah, maybe Morgan and Naomi were super cold and standoffish to him when he first met them, but he knew deep down they were good people.

But don’t mistaken his childlike endearment for naivety. John is a good read of people, an invaluable skill in the world they’re living in. Makes you wonder what signals would be going off for him if he met Madison.

He’s probably seen ‘Finding Nemo’

Given how frequently John has said his name is “like the fish,” and after knowing how much he loves movies, we can assume John has seen Finding Nemo at least once. And loved it.

As if he couldn’t get more adorable, despite it being an apocalypse, John still signs his movies in and out as if it matters. He’s someone who is either making the best of a horrible situation, or is so traumatized he can’t accept the new world. Let’s assume the former.

Also, John has movie nights. Sharpshooter, cowboy, police officer, Scrabble King, movie lover. The perfect Tinder profile.

Fingers crossed ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ doesn’t kill John before the season’s over

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