1:00 pm EDT, August 16, 2018

18 ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ things that happen less than Morgan changing his mind

Nick has run away fewer times than Morgan has changed his mind.

Whether he’s on Fear the Walking Dead or The Walking Dead, the one thing Morgan is consistent about is his inconsistency.

The mid-season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead season 4 saw our group about a month after the death of Madison. Everyone is scattered within close proximity, some coping better than others.

When it comes to Morgan, he’s always been unique in his life choices. He’s also frequently inconsistent in those choices. How many times has he changed his mind on the ethics of killing walkers and the living? Is it wrong to kill, or are they an abomination that needs to be exterminated?

It would seem Morgan’s indecision also extends to his opinions on community. When Morgan left The Walking Dead, he felt like he didn’t belong anywhere. After saying his goodbyes, he set off on a long walk, and ended up in Texas.

Despite his efforts to be alone, Morgan just seems to attract people. He may not want them, but they always seem to find him and stick like glue.

Deep down though, Morgan definitely likes having company. Case in point, within half a season, Morgan has already changed his mind and wants to go back to Virginia to be with Rick and the group. He so frequently can’t commit to any decision, that all other inconsistencies seem like minor trivialities.

Here are 18 things that happen less on Fear the Walking Dead than Morgan changing his mind:

  1. Amount of movies John has rented post-apocalypse
  2. June deciding on her own name
  3. Whether Madison cares about Alicia or not
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  5. Strand’s preference of alcohol
  6. Strand’s preference of wine
  7. Troy craving both maternal and sexual love from Madison
  8. Nick changing his choice of addiction
  9. Madison switching plaid shirts
  10. The amount of books Charlie reads a week
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  12. How often Nick covered himself in blood to walk among the infected
  13. The amount of times interesting characters are introduced just to disappear, never to be seen again
  14. The amount of times Chris was a little too kill-happy
  15. Who the main villain is that our group must combat
  16. Daniel Salazar dying but PSYCHE not actually
  17. The amount of times Nick has run away
  18. People Troy killed for ‘science’
  19. Althea asking questions that don’t concern her
  20. Manawa family members dying

Apparently ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ hasn’t done much for Morgan’s state of mind

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