‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2 finale: 5 killer moments

It was a wild final two episodes, so here are the five biggest takeaways.

10:00 am EDT, October 5, 2016

The Fear the Walking Dead finale more than made up for a lack of action in the last few episodes, providing us with more blood, guts, and growth than we were prepared for. And it was awesome.

Much like its parent show, the Fear the Walking Dead finale pumped up the volume, with moment after moment of grotesque entertainment, and eye-popping surprises. Here are five of those noteworthy moments:

Ofelia meets Unser


Ofelia was hardly in the season 2 finale, but her final moments did leave a large impact. Venturing on her own, Ofelia hiked back to the U.S./Mexico border, and luckily found a hole in the fence to go through. Her luck didn’t last long, however, as she was immediately shot at.

Her assailant approached her to take her weapons and gave us a glimpse at his identity. Everyone give a warm welcome to Sons of Anarchy‘s Unser! Dressed in militia garb, it would seem border patrol is still on duty during the apocalypse, and they’re not letting anyone cross the border too easily. Unless he’s just a gun-toting jerk who likes to make people’s lives difficult. It’s hard to say which would be worse.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how good or bad these border-people are, and whether their policing actually impacts the state of the U.S.

Eye will kill you!


As if to make up for the lack of blood and guts the last few episodes, the finale had it in spades. One of the goriest moments in the season 2 finale involved Nick frantically fighting off a recently-dead-and-turned patient.

After the two tumbled over the railing to the convenient beds below, Nick got his hands around the infected’s head, and began shoving his thumbs into it’s eyes. But don’t forget, you can only kill the infected by damaging their brain. Fortunately, despite being an infected-sympathizer, Nick isn’t a pacifist.

He dug his thumbs through those eye sockets until he punctured brains. It was a disgustingly drawn out moment, but also mesmerizing since it’s not a kill method we’ve seen on the show before. Score one for originality!

Killer Alicia


In this finale, two of Fear the Walking Dead‘s most civilized characters found a dark side. One of those characters was Alicia, the same Alicia who wants to save as many people as possible, who puts many before herself. The Alicia who knows how to get the job done, sought a promotion by way of killing a living person.

Granted, it seemed to be a spur of the moment decision, an act of desperation with good intentions. With Travis’ life on the line, Alicia acted quickly and without thinking. She grabbed a knife and stabbed Travis’ would-be killer, ultimately saving him, herself, and Madison. It was her actions that got everyone else moving again.

However, as already stated, Alicia isn’t the kind of person who thrives off of killing anyone, not even infected, so this act of killing a living human is sure to cause her some inner turmoil.

Such struggles were apparent the moment after she stabbed Andres. She was clearly in need of a pep talk, but seeing as all Madison cares about is Nick, she’s not likely to get that. If Madison isn’t careful though, failing to give Alicia the help she needs could result in her becoming the next Chris.

Killer Travis


Our second new killer is Travis. He preached to his son for the last two seasons how important it is to keep your humanity, and how bad it is to kill, but finally, at the end of season 2, he learned it’s not so easy to remain cool, calm, and collected.

Upon learning his son died, killed by the very bromigos he warned Chris to not befriend, Travis completely lost control. He gave Rick-biter a run for his money, literally beating the bros to death with his bare hands (and boots). It was certainly a shock to see Travis lose it so viscerally. Perhaps when it came to Chris’ actions, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. No matter, it was just awesome to see Travis get in touch with his primal side.

Welcome to the club, Travis!

RIP Chris


Though it was only the ending of the penultimate episode, Chris’ death tops the biggest moment, not just of the finale, but the season as well. Chris was almost universally hated, yet his death still leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Maybe you feel bad for him, because you hoped he’d eventually get help for what’s clearly an inability to deal with trauma. Maybe you just don’t feel the offscreen, anticlimactic death was worthy of his character. Or maybe, like me, you’re actually disappointed to see him go, because you had hopes he’d turn into a crazy villain.

It’s a shame a character as complicated and troubled as Chris would be disposed of for the sake of propelling Travis’ story. And make no mistake, that’s why he was offed. There was much story left to tell for Chris, and it certainly didn’t feel like his arc was heading to an end. Indeed, it felt like it was just beginning a new chapter.

What was your favorite moment from the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ finale?

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