12:30 pm EDT, September 13, 2015

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ episode 3 preview: They. Won’t. Die.

After taking a break last week due to the Labor Day holiday, Fear the Walking Dead returns tonight with episode 3, “The Dog”.

Last week we wrote about how strange it was that Fear the Walking Dead 1×03 wasn’t airing over the holiday. The premiere season of The Walking Dead spinoff is only six episodes long, and the network decided to take a break after only two episodes.

Perhaps rightfully, AMC figured most people wouldn’t tune in to a new episode in the United States because Labor Day is usually reserved for vacationing.

Fear the Walking Dead’s final four episodes will air without interruption over the next month, finishing one week before The Walking Dead season 6 premieres (October 11). If you can’t catch them on TV, you can stream them free using your cable credentials on AMC’s website. New episodes are released for online streaming every Monday.

In a preview for Fear 1×03, Madison, Nick, and Alicia are waiting at home for Travis and his side of the family to return when they notice a disturbance outside. Nick decides to open the window shades against his mother and sister’s advice, but the clip ends before the viewer gets to see what’s out there. Could it be Travis, his ex-wife, and their son?

Nick seems to be doing well with his break from the drugs. In fact, he seems more stable than he was in the previous two episodes. Has he made a clean break (thanks to the help of the stolen drugs at Madison’s school)?

The synopsis reads for tonight’s new episode reads, “After they escape a riot, Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with the Salazars; Madison defends her home.”

Travis, Liza, and Chris met the Salazar family at the end of episode 2, and it looks like they’ll be teaming up to beat the walkers and find safety.

The current plan to escape to the desert — free of a heavy population — seems to be less and less of a possibility as the mayhem grows in Los Angeles.

A second clip from tonight’s new episode depicts Travis’ family and the Salazars on the road — and eerily watching “people” get shot by cops. The heavy police presence is caused by the obvious: These new “enemies” won’t die!

Fear the Walking Dead 1×03 airs Sunday, September 13 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC. Return to Hypable after the episode airs for our recap! Since it’s been two weeks since the last episode aired, you may want to check out our recap of Fear 1×02.

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