10:00 am EDT, October 26, 2017

What your favorite ‘Stranger Things’ character says about you

You definitely have coffee and Eggos for breakfast.

Knowing your favorite Stranger Things character is an upside down window lined with Christmas lights into your soul.

We don’t need Eleven’s mind powers to know strange things about you. Tell us who your favorite Stranger Things character is and we’ll guess one fact about you. If the fact is wrong, you just don’t know who your favorite character is. Trust us, our minds are sharp. We had our Eggos and coffee this morning.

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Joyce: You refuse to Google answers to crossword puzzles.

Hopper: Nobody is allowed to talk to you in the mornings until you’ve had a coffee. Any attempts will result in your swift and silent departure from the room.

Benny: Your first choice of pet is a goldfish. No, TWO goldfish, so they have company.

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Steve: You know the lyrics to at least three Ariana Grande songs, five Taylor Swift songs, and three Drake songs.

Jonathan: Whether you liked it or not, whether you’d admit it or not, you read, or tried to read, a Twilight book.

Will: When you’re sick, you pop Advils like they’re candy and go to school/work anyway, risking everyone else’s immune system because there’s too much to do to stay home.

Lucas: You play a contact sport and never fail to fight the ref on a foul you committed.

Dustin: You’re the most active member of your group chat, and you use emojis every other text.

Eleven: You would frequently sneak into movies at the theatre to avoid paying. On occasion you still do, for the thrill of it.

Mike: Your tardiness is unrivalled. Your friends frequently tell you to meet up earlier than the rest of them because they know you’re going to be late. They just haven’t told you.

Nancy: You weren’t raised on classic Disney movies. Your parents let you watch mild horror movies, though you’d go behind your parents’ backs and watch the really scary ones anyway.

Barb: You choose to spend your Friday and Saturday nights at home reading a book or watching TV. It’s just not safe outside!


Dustin: You can differentiate chocolate bars with your eyes closed.

Jonathan: You hate people. Well, most people.

Mike: You can’t keep up with your texts, so you leave everyone on ‘read.’

Joyce: You leave your Christmas lights up, but unlit, during spring, summer, and fall.

Readers of this post: You spent a lot of your childhood playing video games.

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