The Wizarding World is back at San Diego Comic-Con. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hit Hall H on Saturday to present new footage and tease a couple of details.

At the beginning of the panel, Eddie Redmayne (and WB employees) handed out wands to every single Hall H attendee. Eddie then led the crowd in a “Lumos” spell to light up the theater. The wands are by the Noble Collection and are Newt Scamander’s.

Eddie Redmayne and 6,000 #SDCC attendees light up Hall H with wands and magic!

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Interestingly, the wand seems to be hollow and/or cracked at the bottom of it. My guess is it means something concerning the core of Newt’s wand. The Noble Collection wouldn’t leave the opening there unless it meant something.

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What we learned during the Fantastic Beasts SDCC panel

  1. Director David Yates teased a few of the creatures, including a serpent like creature who can change size and shape whenever it wants. “So it can be on the table here, or it could fill this entire hall.”
  2. Eddie Redmayne teased that there will be some easter eggs in the film, but wouldn’t dive into details. The question was likely prompted by rumors of Dumbledore appearing, as was teased in the trailer released earlier this year.
  3. Allison Sudol (Queenie) said it was “incredible” to jump into J.K. Rowling’s world. “Imagine you thinking the world is done [after Book 7], but then you get to walk into it. Can you imagine that? We got to do that!”
  4. “It’s like getting your Hogwarts letter way late in the game,” says Ezra Miller of joining the Wizarding World post-Potter

The new trailer for Fantastic Beasts focuses on Newt’s creatures breaking out of his suitcase, and the ensuing mayhem that the accident causes. The trailer includes a glimpse of a house elf and several other fantastic creatures, including a goblin who we believe is played by Ron Perlman.

Watch the Comic-Con Fantastic Beasts trailer below!

The movie arrives this November.

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