10:00 am EDT, August 2, 2018

Fantastic Beasts Quiz: What is your mundane, inanimate boggart?

You're about to be outed for your weird fear.

You’ve seen a lot of boggarts in the Harry Potter series, and now Fantastic Beasts, but you haven’t seen any like the ones in this quiz.

You’re probably already familiar with boggarts. Upon sight, they take the form of your deepest fear, only banished with ‘Riddikulus.’ In the Harry Potter series we’ve seen boggarts take the form of a range of fears, from the laughably terrifying to the tragic. Some characters’ boggarts have been spiders, jack in the boxes, Dementors, and dead family members.

Then there’s Newt Scamander. Poor Newt’s boggart is an office desk, the most mundane, unthreatening object in existence. But of course, that’s the point. Unsurprisingly, Newt was always destined for a job in the field, away from people. As his boggart indicates, Newt has feared an inactive life behind a desk ever since he was a teenager, if not sooner.

But this isn’t about Newt Scamander. For once, it’s not even about Harry Potter. This is about you. Maybe you already have an idea of what your boggart is. It’s probably a bug of some kind, death-related, heights, small spaces, or clowns. That’s so normal though. Who doesn’t have one or more of those fears?

You’re not just anyone. You’re an individual, with your own individual, unique fears. No matter how average you think you are, you definitely have a weird fear or two. Everyone has that fear that makes no sense, is embarrassing, and you’d rather not tell anyone because you know there’s just no justifying it. Was it childhood trauma? Something you read on the internet? It doesn’t matter, because you’ll probably be laughed at for it regardless.

But here at Hypable we encourage you to embrace your fears! We won’t judge, we promise.

You know you’re curious, so like any good Hufflepuff, you’ll just have to take the quiz below and find out:

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Don’t be ashamed of your boggart. It’s okay, we all have quirks we’d rather not talk about

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