11:45 am EDT, January 3, 2017

‘Fantastic Beasts’ character Jacob had a fiancée, but the scene was cut (see photos)

Another Fantastic Beasts deleted scene has surfaced by way of The Case of Beasts book.

The book, an official piece of merchandise, includes lots of details about the film’s plot and characters. Thanks to MuggleCast listener @MandrakePatronus, we’re seeing today that a page from Chapter 2 of The Case of Beasts talks about Jacob’s almost-wife Mildred, played by actress Sinead Matthews.

According to the book, Mildred is Jacob’s fiancée. “She leaves him when he unsuccessfully returns from his Bank meeting without a loan.” Yikes.

Presumably she had a couple of good reasons for leaving Jacob, and they were revealed in the deleted scenes. Was this the final straw after a series of failures?

Clearly all scenes with Mildred were cut from the movie, and there’s no mention of the character in the script book (UGH, why couldn’t that have included deleted scenes?). Filmmakers, including J.K. Rowling, must’ve thought the scene in which she leaves Jacob must not’ve been important to the final story.

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Then again, her presence would’ve benefited Jacob’s arc. To go from someone who had been abandoned because he failed to launch a business (That was mean of Mildred, by the way), to meeting a witch who has fallen for him and is proud to see his bake shop in place, is a cute arc.

Maybe Mildred will return in a future movie and there will be a Mildred-Jacob-Queenie love triangle going on? Meh, hope not.

This same book revealed new details about Newt’s supposed expulsion from Hogwarts. As we spoke about on a recent episode of MuggleCast, interesting details about J.K. Rowling’s Beasts world are slowly but surely — unintentionally — coming to light due to how merchandising works in tandem with movie development. In the case of Mildred’s scenes, the authors of the book didn’t know the scene would be cut from the movie, so the pages stayed in The Case of Beasts.

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