4:00 pm EDT, December 10, 2017

Fandom sweaters to keep you cozy this holiday season

Let your favorite fandom keep you warm this Christmas with these holiday fandom sweaters.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage these days, so why not use the trend to show off the fandom that you love best? It might even lead to more fandom related gifts for you, this year!

‘Harry Potter’

harry potter christmas sweater

Sure, the Weasleys have their special Christmas jumpers, but this Harry Potter sweater will let all the muggles know who’s “the Chosen One,” this Christmas.

death eater christmas sweater

Even Death Eaters love Christmas! Show off your darker side with this sweater, instead.

‘Star Wars’

star wars christmas sweater

May the Force of holiday cheer be with you, this Christmas! Get this Star Wars sweater on Amazon.

bb8 christmas sweater

You’ll be the cutest droid at the party with this BB-8 fandom sweater!

yoda christmas sweater

Look great in this Yoda holiday sweater, you will.

darth vader christmas sweater

Darth Vader loves holiday cheer, just like anyone else. Grab this fandom sweater on Etsy.

‘Stranger Things’

stranger things christmas sweater

Don’t worry, this Stranger Things holiday sweater won’t let you communicate with the Upside Down.

eleven christmas sweater

Leggo my Eleven holiday sweater…!

‘Game of Thrones’

hodor christmas sweater

Actually, it might still be too soon for this Game of Thrones holiday sweater.

game of thrones christmas sweater

This one is both fandom-related and probably accurate.


captain america christmas sweater

You just know Cap would love Christmas. With this fandom sweater, it’ll feel like he’s part of your celebration.

deadpool christmas sweater

Rep your favorite hero and your favorite food at the same time, with this one.

avengers christmas sweater

With this fandom sweater, the Avengers get to come together, just like your family.


wonder woman christmas sweater

Even Diana would ditch the Amazon attire for this adorable Wonder Woman sweater.

joker christmas sweater

Laugh your way through the holiday with this Joker holiday sweater.

Which fandom sweater will you be sporting this holiday season?

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