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Fandom date ideas for romantic geeks

Are you a geek seeking another geek? Here are some date ideas that could ignite a spark in any fan’s heart.

Geeks are a breed of human with a unique capacity to fall in love with the media we consume. It’s fun, it’s dramatic, it’s intense, and…honestly it can be a lot to deal with. Finding a fellow geek is a great idea if you want somebody who can truly understand the ups and downs of fandom!

We love our fandoms so much, of course we want to incorporate them into our dating life. However, with the normal pattern of swipe, chat, meet up, it can be difficult to let that part of ourselves shine.

Sure, you could just go to a movie that you’ve both been dying to see, but sitting next to somebody silently in a dark room is not typically the best way to get to know them. Here are a few date ideas that will help you see each other for the beautiful geeks that you are.

Do an in-person book or movie swap

geek date ideas

What do geeks love more than sharing the fandoms that we enjoy with others? Why not make that a part of your date experience?

A great way to do this is to go to a book store or, if you’re lucky enough to still have them, a movie rental place. You should each pick out a book or movie that you think the other person would enjoy, and then head to a coffee shop to talk about what you’ve chosen, and whatever else your conversation will take you to. This is also a perfect way to keep the conversation going after the date, as you both dive into a new fandom.

Craft your own fandom cocktails or snacks

fandom date ideas

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Going to a bar can be fun for a date, but it’s so played out, and it only allows for so much fandom exploration. If you and your date have a fandom in common, why not get together to make a cocktail or snack inspired by it, or one that the characters actually consume?

Not only will this be a fun date activity, but it will also allow you both to dive into your fandom in a new and exciting way. Trying new things together is an awesome way to bond with someone and get to know them, so we bet you’ll get another call after trying this date idea.

Hit up a location from your favorite book/show/movie

How to take yourself on a tour of Marvel filming locations in New York City

If you live near a location that’s mentioned and/or shown in your favorite book, show or movie, why not pack a picnic and meet up near there? You can reminisce and discuss how that location has been used in your fandom, and the conversation will surely flourish.

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If you don’t live near anything from your fandom, you could also suggest a roadtrip to go see one of the locations, but maybe save that for a date idea later on in a relationship.

Go to a pop culture trivia night

fandom date ideas

These are popping up everywhere, so if you live anywhere near a city, they shouldn’t be difficult to find. Show off your fandom knowledge and figure out if your potential geek mate is up to snuff. It’s a great screening process for weeding out the real fans vs. the phonies.

When trivia’s over, stay for a drink to discuss the questions you couldn’t believe you missed and other trivia categories that you would be amazing at.

Play a drinking game for your favorite show or movie


If you’re of legal drinking age, this can be a fun way to hang out and watch a movie while still feeling like you’re getting to know someone. It’s best when played with a movie you’ve already seen, so you can feel free to talk during it. It’s perfect for people who are shy on a first date. You can be a little quieter when the movie starts, and the conversation will grow as the movie progresses and you start loosening up.

Just be wary of picking one that’s too intense, though. The last thing you want to do is get too drunk on a first date. Be safe, and consider using this one as a group date activity if you don’t really know the person.

Here are a few ideas for fandom drinking games:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Veronica Mars
Game of Thrones
Arrested Development

Go to a theme party — or host one

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Themed parties are a fun way to let your creative side shine and show off your fandom. You guys can plan to dress up together, or just impress each other with how awesome your costumes are at the party. If there are no themed parties happening around you, host your own and invite someone that you’ve been wanting to get to know better. Here’s how to host your own Hogwarts House Cup beer olympics!

What are your fandom date ideas for geeks?

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