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How different fandoms celebrate the Christmas holiday

Each one of you is unique. And so is your tree.

By Katie Awad | Edited by Donya Abramo

Not everyone celebrates Christmas traditionally. If your friend or family member has a passion for something, there’s a good chance their celebration will be a little different. Angel tree toppers might actually be Weeping Angel toppers. Maybe you don’t even exchange gifts, opting to provide food for a big dinner instead.

The fact is, everyone has their own traditions, and if you’re a part of a fandom, these traditions could (and probably do) relate to your passion. If you’re looking for ideas on how to add some flare to your celebrations this holiday, here are some ideas from six different fandoms!

Harry Potter

harry potter christmas

Harry Potter fans celebrate Christmas in a big way. Their trees are decorated only in the colors of their Hogwarts house, so if it’s a mixed family then the tree is much more colorful! Everyone wears warm jumpers with their initial on it and brings one homemade dish to dinner. All of their friends and family attend the huge dinner, so hopefully someone finds a table big enough for everyone. Gifts are limited as Harry Potter fans feel the holiday is more about spending time together and eating a lot of food than giving each other a specific item.

‘Doctor Who’

doctor who christmas

Christmas with a Doctor Who fan is small and intimate, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of fun. It’s an all day affair in which everyone gathers around a television and marathons the previous Doctor Who Christmas specials, culminating with the new episode that evening. The fez and bow tie bedecked tree with a Weeping Angel on top sits still in the corner, although everyone secretly hopes that one year it’ll start attacking. Guests dress up as their favorite character, whether in full cosplay getup, or by just having a screwdriver at the ready. Snacks consist of fish fingers and custard, Jammie Dodgers, and the assortment of bananas guests are expected to have brought.

Lord of the Rings

lord of the rings christmas

Any Lord of the Rings party is mostly an excuse to eat until your pants burst, and Christmas is no exception. Invite everyone you know and hope you have enough space to accommodate. If you’re hosting, make and buy as much food as you can. If you’re a guest, bring at least two dishes. The Eye of Sauron should top your tree, otherwise it should be bare. The idea is that it’s a communal tree and each guest will bring one ornament of their choosing to decorate it with. Singing, dancing, and all around tomfoolery is the aim of the party, so just eat and be merry until you’re too full and too tired.

Star Wars

star wars christmas

To Star Wars fans, time with loved ones is not just about blood relations. The family you choose is just as important as the one you were born with, so these fans are all about spending time with those who have been with them through the tough times. They decorate their trees with glow sticks of varying colors, and on top, of course, is a (Death) Star. Children don’t wait for Santa Claus to fly by in his sleigh though. No, no, Santa’s sleigh is actually a Millennium Falcon, and it isn’t elves who build the toys, it’s Yoda and more of his species. For a fun activity, engage in a sword fight with the cardboard rolls from finished wrapping paper.

‘The Walking Dead’

the walking dead christmas

A Walking Dead Christmas is certainly not for everyone, so if you’re the one throwing the party, pick your guests wisely. Only the best of the best can attend, the ones who have something to offer, whether it be food, a designated driver, or just someone who’s good for a laugh. Make sure the tree is appropriately decorated, with a sheriff’s hat on top, and an assortment of mini limbs for ornaments. If possible, have the party outside around a small fire (otherwise have it inside in front of a burning fireplace). Food consists of canned goods, and homemade cookies and chocolate pudding as a special dessert. Fun activities include a dart board, hide and seek, and Monopoly.

‘Game of Thrones’

game of thrones christmas

For Game of Thrones fans, the holiday is not just a time for cheer, it’s also a time to remember those they’ve lost over the years. Trees are adorned with small wreaths framing the faces of the unfortunate characters who left too soon, and perched on top is none other than a dragon (not a fire-breathing one, that would be a fire hazard). Dinner is sumptuous, with many courses to serve the large family (and possibly friends) that have gathered together. Wine is constantly flowing, so when it’s finally time for games, everyone is quite joyous. Games include a round or two of musical chairs (no weapons allowed), and pin the tail on the direwolf. Gifts are all wrapped in an ovoid shape in colors green, gold, or black, to resemble one of Dany’s dragon eggs.

A post-dinner massacre is not necessary.

What are your fandom Christmas traditions?

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