5:30 pm EDT, April 21, 2012

Fan Review: ‘Holy Musical [email protected]’ has its strengths and weaknesses

So a bunch of you are going to disagree with me. And that’s cool. I will preface this with the following statements. I love Team Starkid, and I will continue to support them in all their endeavors because they really are amazingly talented folks.

It’s not just their talent that has gotten them where they are, but their love of what they do. I thought Holy Musical [email protected] was fantastically acted, the costumes were amazing and the new kid on the block, Jeff Blim – where has he been all my life? (Perhaps in a cupboard under some stairs?) Furthermore, is there a character that Lauren Lopez can’t play?

Brian’s performance was topnotch as usual, and Joe’s Batman voice and carriage was brilliant. But despite all the positives this show had, Holy Musical [email protected] just didn’t have that StarKid spark.

And as much as I hate to say it, I think it had a lot to do with the music. First of all, props to Nick Gage for writing the music for a whole freaking musical; gee, I can’t do that. I know how much work it must have taken and I think the music was actually good, just not StarKid musical good. Then again, maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Darren and A.J. and thus my expectations are too high (or maybe it’s not fair to compare them?). I thought the music stood out too much on its own instead of being a part of the whole show, it was a bit nonsensical and seems aimless at times.

It’s like sometimes you watch a musical and the characters break out in song, and it makes sense, and other times it doesn’t make sense. And sometimes you watch a musical and the song furthers the plot, and sometimes it’s just…there. And sometimes you’re listening to a song and it’s brilliant and then sometimes there’s a lyric in there that just doesn’t make any sense (like Batman’s long litany about what he ate for breakfast and how he was allergic to peanuts and shellfish: funny, but who cares?).

And while I thought the style and tone of the music fit the show, the songs just didn’t do it for me, some of them were too long, and the words got bumbled up because there were too many of them coming too fast, and again, some of the words just didn’t make sense. It was a rough first try, and I hope that Nick Gage tries again because I think he has a lot of potential, he’s just not quite up to the caliber I have grown accustomed to in StarKid musicals.

Overall, however, the show was pretty entertaining. I missed the missing members, (JoMo, Joey) but the show worked without them (Whoohoo Joe Walker as the lead!).

If you haven’t seen it yet, please go watch it and support Team StarKid because they are totally awesome!

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