Fan casting: Who should play Johanna Mason in ‘Catching Fire’?

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1:45 pm EST, March 24, 2012

by akacj7

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Kristen Bell recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and expressed not only her intense love for The Hunger Games, but also her belief that she would be a good fit for Catching Fire‘s Johanna Mason, the ruthless former tribute and winner from district 7.

Sometime in the last few months, fans here on Hypable offered their thoughts on who should play Finnick Odair, the former district 4 champion, and a lot of interesting and intriguing suggestions were made.

Johanna Mason is described as having a “wicked ability to murder,” and her nonchalant, threatening effect is presumably a result of the Capitol taking away everything and everyone she ever loved.

Would Kristen Bell make a good Johanna Mason? If not, who else do you have in mind?

Editor’s note: Above fan art by Charmontez on Deviant Art.

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