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Fall TV 2015: What to watch September 28 to October 4

Here are all the new fall 2015 television shows premiering September 28 – October 4. Are you ready for Week 2 of the television season?

This week will be exciting for fans of ABC and CBS dramas, and Fox’s two new comedies. Looking at this calendar, it is interesting to note the sheer volume of dramas that are on-air this season, and Supergirl doesn’t start until November. Out of the 14 shows premiering (or settling into their regular time slots) this week, 11 are dramas, two are comedies and one is a variety, anything-can-happen show.

Before we delve into what’s on televisions this week, let’s review what we saw last week. Or maybe the better question is, what didn’t we see? With the new questions raised by show series premieres (why does that girl have all those tattoos? Who is the Red Devil?) and the questions answered in season premieres (who killed Rebecca? Is Jamal really going to run Empire?), we’re already in for a wild ride this year.

September 29

‘Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris’ NBC, 8 p.m.

After lurking in the shadows of America’s Got Talent (and, quite literally, the shadows of people’s lives), Neil and his special announcer for the evening — the first episode was Reese Witherspoon, the second, Alec Baldwin — will settle into their regularly scheduled time slot at 8 p.m. Seriously, have you guys watched this show? It’s insane. The level of commitment Neil has shown to pull of the hijinks and surprises is unparalleled. A word of warning: if your friends and family ever start acting fishy or recommend you brush up on your lyrical knowledge, we’d look out.

‘Grandfathered’ Fox, 8 p.m.

John Stamos plays Uncle Jesse in this half-hour comedy, only, if Jesse didn’t know he had a son, or that son had a daughter himself. Basically, this show looks nothing like Full House but if it’s one thing The Internet knows, it’s that the television icons of the ’90s never truly leave us. Heck, aforementioned son is played by other ’90s (alright, early ‘00s) icon, Josh Peck.

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‘The Grinder’ Fox, 8:30 p.m.

Not the most high-concept show to premiere this fall, The Grinder features Rob Lowe (who may be Benjamin Buttoning, or at the very least, has frozen in time) as an overly-confident actor who thinks playing a lawyer on television equates to actually being a lawyer. Fred Savage is in it, and at the very least, it should be a pleasant show to binge-watch over the holidays.

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ ABC, 9 p.m.

If you’re reading and are on the fence about tuning in, maybe this five minute clip of the season 3 opener will change your opinion. If it doesn’t, well, maybe go back and re-watch some episodes from season 2, because this show has only been improving over the years. After you watch the clip, be sure to check out our amazing analysis of what it’s about, and what’s to come.

‘Scream Queens’ Fox, 9 p.m.

After last week’s two-hour series premiere, this horror/comedy/Ryan Murphy fever dream assumes its regular timeslot at 9 p.m. What did you guys think of it? Share your theories with us! Meanwhile, we have 20 thoughts about the premiere.

September 30

‘Chicago PD’ NBC, 10 p.m.

No longer the only Chicago Fire spin-off, Chicago Med premieres later this year, Chicago PD season 3 looks to bring the high-stakes, and Sophia Bush, back to NBC television.

‘Code Black’ ABC, 10 p.m.

If you’re hankering for a new medical drama, maybe give Code Black a try. Marcia Gay Harden stars as the doctor who rules her hospital with an iron fist and takes on new interns for “the most punishing residency in the country” in Los Angeles, CA. It’s like Scrubs, only a drama, and much more intense.

October 1

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Fox, 9 p.m.

Crane still doesn’t understand everything about modern society and evil is still lurkin’ around, but it looks as though the stakes will be a bit higher than in seasons past. Exciting!

‘The Blacklist’ NBC, 9 p.m.

The show that was pretty crazy in season 1 and bonkers in season 2 looks to be downright insane in season 3. Liz is a blonde and is the FBI’s most wanted, and Red, well, he still has his fedora, but he seems to also be juggling a few different tasks right now. More importantly: where is Tom (“Tom”) Keating? Let’s hope he’s not tied up in another boat.

October 4

‘Madam Secretary’ CBS, 8 p.m.

Back for its sophomore season, Tea Leoni’s Elizabeth McCord assumes America’s most powerful position as President of the United States. But, her first duty as President might be to shoot down Air Force One. Just another day on the job.

‘The Good Wife’ CBS, 9 p.m.

The criminally underrated show is back for its seventh season and all our favorite players (sans Kalinda) are back — and, bonus!, this season Margo Martindale will guest star as a “national strategist.” Tune in this season to see if Peter can really achieve a position such as Vice President. We think Alicia might have a better shot, but, that’s just us.

‘Homeland’ Showtime, 9 p.m.

Homeland will open season 5 with a two-year time jump, pushing past Carrie Mathison’s recent positions with the CIA and placing her in Germany as head of security for a German philanthropist. But, since the show name didn’t change to German Philanthropist, we have a feeling the homeland will be calling her sooner rather than later.

‘The Leftovers’ HBO, 9 p.m.

“There are no miracles in Miracle.” Well alright then! Sounds like a solid premise as any for a show such as The Leftovers. There were zero departures, but that doesn’t mean this town hasn’t suffered loss — or, more accurately, will suffer loss, according to the trailer below.

What fall 2015 television shows have you tuned into so far? Let us know!

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