3:30 pm EST, February 26, 2015

‘Eye Candy’s’ new girl Tessa: Friend or foe?

On the last episode of Eye Candy we were introduced to Tessa. An old friend from Sophia’s past or a new friend out to destroy Lindy?

Okay everyone, meet the new girl, Tessa. Who apparently isn’t very new at all. We learned on last Monday’s episode that Tessa is actually an old friend of Sophia’s who she knew back in boarding school. Since she’s reportedly going to be with us for the duration of the season, we thought it might be a good time to put her under the microscope.

She appears after having allegedly returned from Brazil, along with many other exotic locations, after a complete communication blackout from her friends. “I wanted to go where no one gets to go. See the things they never get to see,” she explains.

Weird. But okay… Maybe she’s just the eccentric type who’s excited to be living life.

Though Sophia isn’t so easily convinced. When she starts to side-eye Tessa about how she managed to become a world traveler when last she saw her she was deathly afraid of flying, Tessa had this to say, “I conquered my fear and now I’m conquering all my fears.” Good for her! As long as those fears don’t revolve around praying on people through the internet…

Later on she confesses to Sophia that after her parent’s divorce and death of her friend Philippe she decided to start embracing life more. “Life. Everything. It’s all temporary. So if you want to climb a mountain or pet a tiger or make a move on that boy over there, you better just do it.”

And maybe these are the words of a girl who has had a life affirming realization. Maybe she really is just a girl running from her problems or trying to cope with loss. But one thing we know for certain, Executive Producer of Eye Candy Christian Taylor says she’s trouble.

But from a storytelling viewpoint, it just seems odd to be adding a new character so late in the game unless they have a very specific purpose. So what is she here for?

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A Theory

Hypable Eye Candy Tessa

Allow us to take a shot in the dark on this one, okay? Because we think we might be onto the truth behind Tessa. Instead of traveling the world for however many months, we think that Tessa might have been spending her time in rehab instead. Take note of these facts:

– Her epiphany on embracing life and not wasting time could have easily been brought on by a struggle with addiction.
– Her friend Philippe may have died from meningitis, but he could have just as easily passed from a drug overdose or suicide attempt. Either of which could have caused her to reach out for help.
– Tessa’s communication blackout? Some centers don’t allow outside communication during a person’s stay.
– Taking it “one day at a time”, as Tessa says she’s doing when asked how long she’ll be in the city, is an notable skill they teach in recovery.

Why is this deviation from the truth a big deal? Well, who else do we know that’s been to rehab? Lindy’s sister Sara. Now whether or not these things are related, we’re unsure. But it does seem within the realm of possibility that there is some sort of connection. Plus, a twist like this would give Tessa’s appearance more substantial plot relevance.

What it doesn’t do, however, is confirm whether or not Tessa is a friend or foe.

What do you think Tessa’s purpose on ‘Eye Candy’ really is?

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