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‘Eye Candy’ season 1, season 6 recap: Off the books

Eye Candy season 1, episode 6 just finished airing, with Lindy checking herself into the hospital.

Eye Candy‘s sixth episode, “ICU,” begins with a patient being rolled into the OR, with his nurse, Lawrence, promising there will be no pain. During his brain surgery, a machine starts beeping and all of the nurses and doctors begin to pass out due to nitrus oxide in the air.

Lindy plans a homemade meal for Jake, but the food isn’t turning out so great. That’s fine, though, because Tommy shows up and Jake ends up cancelling anyway. Tommy tells Lindy about the operation room of one Dr. Wells being hacked, but they don’t have any proof. Tommy needs her to check it out and see if someone on the inside is wreaking havoc.

Turns out Dr. Wells is kind of hot. And she and Tommy used to have a thing. Wells hands over a key card to the server room, and Lindy does what she does best. She finds a wireless access point on the fourth floor, which is the ICU, and figures that’s what the hacker is using.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 6 Tommy

Tommy tells her to come back so they can figure out what to do next, but Lindy has a better idea. She takes a bunch of meds and does some serious exercising to increase her heart rate and cause a fever. A nurse takes her blood, and Lindy gets George to hack the system to give her something that will get into the ICU. George panics and chooses neurosyphilis, telling her, “You should have a seizure, or faint, or something.” Lindy rolls her eyes, but complies.

After she’s admitted into the ICU, Lindy meets a girl named Erika, who has a multitude of issues. Her outlook isn’t exactly positive, but it’s hard to blame her for that. Outside, Tommy spots a carpet cleaning van that looks suspicious. Upon calling Detective Yeager and opening it up, he finds George helping Lindy.

Lindy’s doctor is suspicious of Lindy’s disease, since she’s not really old enough to have it. They need to do more tests, but when the doctor leaves the room, she wanders the halls with her tablet, trying to lock down the position of the wireless router.

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Lindy comes across Erika, who’s hooked up to a bunch of machines, and they share a touching moment. Upon leaving, Lindy finds the router in the chapel, under a table. Lawrence comes in and tells her its time for her lumbar puncture. There are a few touch and go moments — especially when Tommy says he’s her fiancee and proceeds to allow her to have the injection — but then Dr. Wells saves them both.

George tells Lindy the tablet used to cause the last hack belonged to Lawrence. Before they can do anything, however, Erika’s machines give out and she dies. It looks like the hacker just committed his first murder.

Tommy believes Lawrence is the culprit, but Lindy takes a look at his social media and realizes he was away during the first attack. What’s more, everyone in the hospital had access to his tablet. Erika’s boyfriend Mark is now the prime suspect because he was furious about her condition. Lindy subtly interrogates him, but doesn’t get anywhere other than learning that Erika had accepted her death.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 6 Lindy Tommy

Before leaving the room, Lindy spots Mark’s work ID, a company where he and Erika both produced antivirus software. When Erika’s death was entered into the system, a virus was targeted that shut down all the machines in the ICU. But Mark never wanted that to happen — Erika killed herself because she blamed the hospital for her condition.

Mark tells Lindy and Tommy that Erika would have created a tiny device as a killswitch. When they review the security tapes, they find that she swallowed it.

Lindy and Tommy head down to the morgue. They find Erika, but Tommy has trouble cutting her open to pull out the killswitch. Lindy offers that they do it together (aw?). Luckily, Yeager shows up with Wells, they get the killswitch, and Mark plugs it into a machine in the server room.

Unfortunately, they need an authorization code, but nothing they try will work. That’s when Lindy gets a text from the Flirtual killer, asking if she wants his help. She agrees, and he sends her the molecular formula for the drug that ruined Erika’s life. It works, and the hospital is returned to normal.

“I have such high hopes,” Lindy’s stalker intones.

When Lindy gets home, there’s a present waiting for her. We immediately believe it’s from the Flirtual killer, but when Lindy opens it, it’s a book titled The Most Incredible Restaurants around the World, a gift from Jake to apologize for missing dinner with her.

‘Eye Candy’ Music Guide: ‘ICU’

Northeast Party House – “Fake Friends”
Years & Years – “Real”
Haley Bonar – “Sun Don’t Shine”
Saint Saviour – “Intro (Sorry)”
Fractures – “It’s Alright”

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