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‘Eye Candy’ season 1 finale recap: Hello, Eye Candy

The Eye Candy season 1 finale just finished airing, and we finally, finally got some answers! And a few more questions, too.

Eye Candy‘s season finale, “A4U,” begins with a man telling a little boy, “You’ll find her and she’ll be perfect.” Then he tells him not to come into the next room, no matter what. We hear a gunshot, and the little boy wanders into the room and sees his dead parents. The little boy is none other than Jake Bolin.

Lindy tries to find Tessa, and quickly realizes her phone is in Jake’s bag. Too late, though. They’ve arrived on Hart Island and there’s no escaping.

Tommy and Connor find Tessa’s body. Sophia isn’t there, but it seems like there was a struggle and there’s certainly a lot of blood. When Connor calls Sophia’s phone, they find it embedded in Tessa’s head (gross!!) with the message, “Follow us and they die. Call the police and they die.”

Instead of alerting the CCU to the dead body, Tommy calls George, who freaks out about Tessa just a little bit. Connor slaps him, and then they get to work. Connor has to put his journalist skills to the test, while George hacks the city. And Tommy is going to get them access to everything in the CCU.

Eye Candy season 1 finale Jake

Meanwhile, on Hart Island, someone has already been to Jane Doe’s grave. Lindy knows Jake is the Flirtual Killer, and she finally confronts him about it. He shows her that the body is gone, but there’s a tablet in its place. The girl was not her sister, but Jake still wants to help her: “We all have to die to be reborn.”

Lindy tries to escape, but Jake knocks her out. She wakes up in a locked room.

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Back at the station, Tommy takes out Yeager when he gets in the way. He also gets George into the CCU system. At the club, Connor and George are working together to find more information about Jake. Turns out his father was in Riker’s for violent assault, and when he was burying bodies on Hart Island, he met Jake’s mother, who was in the asylum.

Lindy breaks out of her room and wanders upstairs, finding a rotting meal and Jake with a knife. Jake tells her the story about his parents, about how his father broke his mother out of the asylum once he was released, but then later found she was addicted to drugs and blamed her for everything.

Jake has been looking for The One his entire life, and now he’s found Lindy. But Lindy isn’t quite perfect — her sister’s capture is a scar on her otherwise unblemished skin. Jake captured Sophia so Lindy can save her and use that moment to make it all right again. Jake has the cars set up just like the moment in the past with Lindy’s sister.

Lindy saves Sophia and they try to escape, but Connor and Tommy, who are now on the island, took the boat. Back at the club, Yeager shows up right after George turns on their secret weapon, and the two of them track Tessa’s phone to find out where Lindy is headed.

Lindy realizes Jake has his own wireless system on the island, so if she gets to his computer, she’ll be able to send out a message. However, when she finds the computer, she realizes it’s perhaps a little more cognizant than your average laptop. It’s also set up to answer any of Lindy’s questions.

Lindy asks for the first entry, and it reveals the awful truth — even at such a young age, Jake was capable of horrific acts. He wanted to end his mother’s pain, so he injected her with an air bubble from a syringe. Upon finding her and thinking she had overdosed, Jake’s father killed himself.

Eye Candy season 1 finale Lindy knife

Lindy then searches for Sara, and downloads the information onto a flash drive. Before the two best friends can get away, though, Jake stabs Sophia, and Lindy is forced to go with him so Connor and Tommy can save her.

Connor finds Sophia, and Tommy stops Jake and Lindy on the steps. But Lindy says he has to leave her, that she loves Jake. Tommy doesn’t believe her, but he doesn’t see a safe way out of the situation. Tommy tells Lindy he will never stop looking for her, and Lindy replies with a heartfelt, “I know.”

At a train station 12 hours later, Jake hands Lindy another tablet. This one has all the information she needs to track down her sister, who happens to be back in her hometown. Right when they’re about to leave, everything goes wrong for Jake. George sends out a message to everyone in the station that says, “The Flirtual Killer is in front of you.” Jake whips out his gun, but Lindy took the bullets from him. Tommy takes Jake down, and Lindy slips away.

Lindy messages Tommy saying she has to go after her sister. Tommy doesn’t want her to, but he understands that she needs to learn what happened to Sara. He apologizes for everything, and Lindy ends the chat.

On a bus back home, Lindy views footage on the tablet that shows her sister was not abducted. Instead, she ran away with her boyfriend. But not for the reason you may think. Sara can be heard saying, “At least now they’ll be safe. Lindy will be safe.”

And season 1 of Eye Candy concludes there.

‘Eye Candy’ Music Guide: ‘A4U’

Vera Lynn – “Goodnight Children, Everywhere”
Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Goodnight Children, Everywhere”
Hopium – “Cut”

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