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‘Eye Candy’ season 1, episode 8 recap: Getting warmer

Eye Candy season 1, episode 8 just finished airing, and Lindy came closer to the Flirtual Killer than ever before.

Eye Candy‘s eighth episode, “AMA,” begins with a man doing drugs, who sits in front of his computer and gets a message: “An eye for an eye.” He then stabs out his own eye with a pair of scissors.

At the station, we’re introduced to Babylon, a portal for websites where anyone and everyone can buy and sell whatever they want — their virginity, their organs, even their suicides.

The CCU, along with Lindy, identify one of the users of Babylon — Edward Kent, the guy who stabbed out his own eye. He was a top model who took up photography. Publicly, he claimed he lost his eye in a mugging. Tommy and Yeager visit him, but imply they had the wrong address for the mugging all along. Under the pretense of not bothering Kent again, Tommy says they’ll email him with further information. Once he opens that email, Lindy will have access to everything.

At the club, Sophia tells Connor she’s worried about Tessa and is thinking about doing something extreme — like contacting Tessa’s parents. At the same time, Lindy is looking through the Babylon website and comes across a picture of a girl who looks just like her sister.

Lindy sends the photo to George, who says the picture wasn’t doctored. By looking at the information contained in the picture’s digital thumbprint, he can tell her it was taken in their hometown, three years ago, which means Sara had been using Babylon. What’s more, Lindy’s redacted case file is hidden in the photograph, but before they explore it further, Tessa shows up and says she’s got a “friend” on the way.

One year ago, we see Lindy auditioning for The Outliers, a hactivist group that’s under the leadership of a mysterious person named J.J. This is where she meets George, and where Tommy first starts putting together his plan for Lindy.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 8 Ben

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In the present, Lindy decides to do something crazy: “We need to hack the Cyber Crimes Unit.” “I love it when you talk dirty to me,” George replies.

While watching his every keystroke, the CCU sees Kent delete one of his purchased prostitutes from Babylon. The detectives find her, and learn Kent liked to get rough with his girls, which is how she lost her eye. And eye for an eye now makes a lot more sense.

At the station, Katherine wants Lindy’s place with them to be a bit more official, but Lindy sets off the alarms before the conversation can go further. This way, she’ll get alone time with the files in the station. The files tell her that it was Tommy’s idea to use Lindy to catch Bubonic, who had already noticed her talents.

Back at the apartment, Sophia finally comes face to face with Tessa (who’s making out with a hot ginger guy), and tells her she called her parents. Tessa looks terrified, and then guilty once Sophia calls her out on her lies — her parents aren’t really getting a divorce. Tessa asks Sophia not to press, and Sophia agrees, but we have a bad feeling about this.

Lindy tracks down the number on her sister’s bracelet, which corresponds with an evidence box. Inside, a phone rings, and the Flirtual Killer says, “You’re getting warmer, Lindy.”

Tommy and Yeager visit Luca, Kent’s assistant, who also happens to be the brother of the prostitute with the damaged eye. It took him two years, but he finally got revenge on Kent. Tommy isn’t that interested in Luca, though, because he wants the name of someone big behind the scenes of Babylon.

In another flashback, we see Ben meeting Lindy for the first time. He swoops in to make contact before Tommy can because he believes he can stay neutral. Ben was certainly playing a long con, even giving Lindy a necklace that was seemingly important to him but was actually a tracer.

When Lindy meets with Bubonic for the first time, the team can hear their conversation. Bubonic says the people who hired him have information about her sister, and Lindy agrees to work for him. Ben is clearly upset, so he has Lindy arrested to halt the case and keep her safe.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 8 Flirtual Killer

The Flirtual Killer is inside the CCU, and he traps Lindy to show her more evidence of the betrayals by Katherine, Ben, and Tommy. Katherine really takes the cake, however, when she reveals she knows more than she’s letting on about Lindy’s sister. Even Tommy was partially aware of this information. After confronting Tommy about it in the present, Lindy quits.

Sophia calls Tessa to ask her if she’s coming to the club tonight. Tessa declines, saying she has another date. That’s when Connor remembers the guy she was with earlier was one of Lindy’s picks on Flirtual. Tessa is dating Lindy’s matches, and even wearing her clothes. At the end of the episode, Tessa meets with the Flirtual Killer, but we’ll have to wait until next time to find out who it is.

‘Eye Candy’ Music Guide: ‘AMA’

Losers – “D.N.A”
Moon & Pollution – “Moon & Pollution”
Skully Boyzz – “Poppin Bottles”
Danielle Parente – “Got It Bad For You (Uh Oh)”
Submotion Orchestra – “Swan Song”
RHODES – “Bloom”
Smash Coast – “Hey Jump In”

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