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‘Eye Candy’ season 1, episode 7 recap: Just got hitched

Eye Candy season 1, episode 7 just finished airing, and Lindy used herself as bait.

Eye Candy‘s seventh episode, “SOS,” begins with a couple heading up to a condo they rented from the website Virtual Slumber. They’re planning a romantic weekend, but after hitting the wine (and the bed), Nick wakes up with deep scratches across his back. Beth is out cold, but she’s luckily still alive.

Jake meets up with Lindy, but he’s there to ask for a favor. Nick is his friend, and he doesn’t want to go to the police with his little issue. He’s about the land a fantastic job, and he doesn’t want to risk something like this showing up on his record. Lindy agrees to help, and Jake rewards her with an apology, an admission, and a kiss.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 7 Jindy

“How did that taste, Lindy?” The Flirtual killer, as always, is not far away. He’s hacked into more security cameras and continues to watch her every move.

Back at the apartment, Sophia’s friend from boarding school is there. Tessa seems like a fun, free, and well-traveled person, but Lindy’s worried — if she’s going to be staying there for a few days, she’ll need to know about the giant murderous elephant in the room. Sophia is hesitant, but Lindy is firm.

Lindy gets George to help her figure out what’s going on with Virtual Slumber. After she buys a room, but is unable to hack into the website, they sneak into the condo’s apartment building and find that the building is sending out a lot of video footage. When they take it to the cops, they find a website called Inside the Doll’s House — a voyeur website with footage from bedrooms all over the city.

At the club, Conner laments the loss of Oliver, though he’s not aware that Oliver has shut off communication with him unwillingly. He and Sophia tell Tessa about the killer, but she seems unfazed by it, which bothers Sophia. Her friend has changed a lot since high school.

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George finds footage of Nick with several other girls, so Lindy messages Beth to get to the bottom of the story. Turns out Beth knew about his cheating and decided to get revenge. She paid for an extra service where a person can be “played with.”

But while they’ve certainly gotten to the bottom of this mystery, another one has cropped up. Someone bought Lindy after she purchased her room, and she wants to use herself as bait. She sends Sophia, Conner, and Tessa away, and Tommy plans the entire trap for the creeper on the other side of the computer. For better or worse, that plan involves him going with her into the apartment.

George and Jake plan on crashing the sting, and Sophia and Tessa haven’t left yet. Lindy is pissed, and convinces them to follow her to the Cyber Crimes Unit.

Inside the apartment, Lindy switches the drugged wine. After Tessa reveals her parents’ divorce and an old flame’s death, we think maybe we’ve gotten to the bottom of her strange behavior. But is there more to it? Before anything else is revealed, “work” calls Tommy and tells him they have to sell it — they’re currently streaming live on the website. Tommy and Lindy share a passionate kiss while Jake looks on from George’s van.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 7 Jake

But he’s not the only one watching. Someone is behind the mirror Lindy is currently looking into. But is it just a random voyeur, or is it the Flirtual killer?

When Tommy doesn’t answer Lindy’s calls, she realizes the pillow was drugged, not the wine. Tommy is out of service, and someone attacks Lindy. For a second it looks like she might gain the upper hand, but then she’s knocked out and dragged away.

Jake notices the video footage has been looped, and the cops storm the apartment. But it’s too late.

Lindy comes-to chained up. She struggles to break free, but her attacker gags her. Video of Lindy goes up on the website, and as the man heats a rod to a burning-hot temperature, Lindy screams and Tommy can hear her. He pulls back a mirror in the apartment and goes after her.

Right before the man can brand her with an X, Tommy captures him and saves Lindy.

The man is named Michael Doll, and he was paid through a program called Babylon to scare Lindy, but not to harm her. Michael also says the Flirtual killer has a message for her: “He has the power. He always has the power to harm you. But never would. Never could.” Then he adds, “You broke his heart.”

‘Eye Candy’ Music Guide: ‘SOS’

Zella Day – “Hypnotic”
David O’Dowda – “Starlight”
Macbeth the Great – “Jockey”
Tujamo – “Hey Mister”
Pariis Opera House – “DRAGNDROP”
The Hawk In Paris – “Freaks”
Chantal Claret – “We Don’t Give A Damn”
My Brightest Diamond – “Lover Killer”
Sophia Black – “Vibration”

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