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‘Eye Candy’ season 1, episode 5 recap: Threeway with a madman

Eye Candy season 1, episode 5 just finished airing, and things got real.

Eye Candy‘s fifth episode, “IRL,” begins with Tommy heading up to his apartment, only to find that it’s been cleared out. It seems an ad was placed saying he was getting rid of all of his stuff. His biggest concern, though, is his missing dog.

Tommy tracks the pooch down to the animal shelter. The dog was almost euthanized because the records showed he’d been there too long, despite the fact that he had just been dropped off. When the vet scans the microchip, the only thing they see is a message saying, “Happy anniversary, Bubonic.”

That sounds…ominous.

Connor isn’t having a very good day either. He’s on a date with Oliver inside a restaurant where it’s pitch black, manned by the legally blind and one single person with night vision. We definitely have a bad feeling about this. When Connor leaves to go to the bathroom, our killer swipes the night vision goggles and is about to kill Connor’s date. It seems the killer is not too happy about all the bad things Connor’s been writing about him and Lindy.

Connor’s date is saved by a woman with a horrific laugh, however. It snaps the killer out of his zone and he kills the woman, cutting out the tongue and leaving it on the table for Connor and Oliver to discover.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 5 GROSS

However, Connor’s boss Hamish has been writing under his employee’s pseudonym, causing more of a stir than Connor probably ever intended. Down at the station, Hamish says he’s going to throw a party for the serial killer to see what happens and try to draw him out. No one particularly likes the idea, but Lindy says it’s probably the best chance they have of catching him.

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Unfortunately, with the party in full swing, the power goes out and the cyber crimes unit loses contact with their base. Even though no other signals are going through, Tommy gets a text message to meet someone outside. There, a man accuses him of sleeping with his girlfriend and proceeds to beat him up, leaving him a bloody mess on the sidewalk.

Inside, someone announces a game with a $1,000,000 prize. Every time they do a task presented to them, they get a part of the jackpot. This is not going to end well.

Meanwhile, Oliver smells something, and he thinks the killer from the other night is at the party. We find out Hamish’s money was stolen from his account to fund the game, and we can’t say we’re really sympathetic for the guy. He was kind of asking for it.

Outside, a man comes up to Tommy in a bird mask before Tommy passes out. At the same time, Lindy explains the situation to Jake, and the gang discovers that the game is malware. But it’s not the Flirtual killer; it’s Bubonic, an infamous hacker that got away a year ago. It seems to be one of those cases that haunts Tommy.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 5 Dead

Bubonic was one of the best hackers in the world, often using his powers for good, like hacking extremist websites and organizing protests. However, he eventually went to the other side and began causing havoc that killed several people. What’s more surprising is that Lindy was going to work with him once.

The game starts upping the ante when it declares they can get a huge chunk of money for punching someone. George says he can triangulate the hacker’s location if he can get the antenna out of his truck. However, no one can leave or everyone will lose their money, so Lindy and Jake are forced to head down to the boiler room where there’s no security feed and Bubonic won’t be able to see where they are.

Unfortunately for Jake, he gets knocked out and handcuffed to a pipe. And right next to his head is a bomb that’s counting down; the more money people earn, the higher the temperature of the oil in the boilers. They desperately need to get everyone to stop playing, but considering people are literally willing to cut off their own fingers to earn money, we doubt that’ll be easy.

As people start stealing each other’s phones in order to steal their money, Lindy goes downstairs to where they’ve tracked Bubonic. She meets him face to face, and he tells her the reason why he went to the dark side. He no longer trusts the cops because he pissed off the government and they arrested his girlfriend. She was so terrified and alone that she hanged herself.

Bubonic offers Lindy the option of saving everyone’s lives or catching him. She, of course, chooses the former option, allowing him to be set free, but not before asking if he knows anything about her sister. He replies in the negative. As the money is all returned to Hamish’s account, things are mostly back to normal.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 5 game

Jake kisses Lindy, despite her previous confession that she’s not ready for a relationship. Sophia is happy Connor is alive (and apparently no longer mad at him for writing about the Flirtual killer), and Lindy tells Tommy she hadn’t actually seen Bubonic. She asks what motivates the hacker, but Tommy doesn’t reveal the truth, and we can see what little trust she was starting to have with Tommy fade away.

In a surprisingly turn of events, we learn that Hamish and Bubonic were working together the entire time, though it seems to have been the hacker’s idea. He now owes Hamish a favor. Oliver goes inside to grab his phone, but he’s hoisted up by what appears to be a whip, and dragged to his death. The party may not have been taken over by the Flirtual killer, but he was definitely in attendance.

‘Eye Candy’ Music Guide: ‘IRL’

Lizi Kay – “Falling for the First Time”
Meme – “Fallen”
Meme – “Forever”
Usonia – “It’s Your Night”
DJ Corbett – “Save Me”
Otto Knows – “Million Voices”
Otto Knows – “Parachute”
Otto Knows, Bebe Rexha – “Can’t Stop Drinking About You”
Emika – “Drop the Other”
Ms. Triniti – “Hit you wit My Selfie”
Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway – “Wizard”
Indiana – “Solo Dancing”
David Dann – “Roger Room”
Dinosaur Murals – “Automatic”
Magic Man – “Honey”

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