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‘Eye Candy’ season 1, episode 4 recap: A cop thing

Eye Candy season 1, episode 4, “YOLO,” just finished airing. Catch up on everything that just happened with our recap!

Eye Candy season 1, episode 4, “YOLO,” opens with a group of friends boarding a party bus to celebrate the end of high school. They yell “YOLO” as the camera flashes, and we just know something bad is going to happen. (It is the episode title, after all…)

We don’t want to say, “We told you so,” but…we told you so. One of the kids, Max, wakes up in a pool of blood, walks outside the bus, and notices he’s all alone outside an abandoned building. Rescuers come to his aid as he screams for his friends.

Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 4 Party

Meanwhile, Lindy looks over the bracelet the serial killer left for her. It’s stamped with the note, “We’ll find her,” along with some letters and numbers. She heads to the station, and everyone is in a frenzy over what happened on the party bus. The biggest suspect right now is the bus driver, who has a record.

Lindy offers her services to help decode the lives of all of the kids using their social media accounts. As she’s using some slightly illegal means of doing so, Max walks into the station. Tommy begins to interview him, but Lindy knows it isn’t going to work — Max has issues with the police. Shaw suggests Lindy try instead.

Lindy pockets Max’s phone and then talks with him. She explains what she does for the cops and tells him about her sister. Then she promises that they’ll find his friends, and gives his phone back. He texts Amy, but she’s lying dead on the beach.

The police notice that Amy had a go-pro camera around her wrist. Lindy looks through the footage from that night, and sees that the camera belonged to the driver. The chip is full of water, so while they wait for it to dry out, Lindy tells Max that Amy is dead.

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Max is clearly upset, and storms out of the station when Tommy accuses him of knowing something more than he’s letting on. But Lindy loaded spyware on his phone, so now they can track him. Shaw puts both Tommy and Lindy on the case together.

In another video from the bus, Amy brings a psychic on board. She starts doing readings that seem eerily accurate. They bring the psychic into the station, and we learn that Amy paid her to “entertain” them with a ghost story about The Stowaway. Except, after the money is exchanged, the psychic tells Amy to stay away from water. That clearly wasn’t part of the plan.

The camera from the water is mostly corrupted, but they did manage to grab footage of Amy fooling around with the driver. She noticed the camera and pulls it off the wall, but before they can get too involved, a figure shows up outside the bus. It looks like the Stowaway story might just be real after all.

Turns out, the kids went looking for The Stowaway on a ship in the harbor, and the only one who’ll know which ship it is will be the driver. Lindy uses her magic to track him down, and they find him in a hotel in Jersey. He admits he left the kids behind on the boat after he was attacked. What’s more? A video was uploaded to his account without his permission, and when they view it, they see Amy’s murder.

The police rush the boat and find the kids locked in a room. The group tells the cops what happened, and Lindy begins to put two and two together. Amy was sent away to rehab for an eating disorder, and that’s where she met Max — who was there for depression. They became friends and came up with the Stowaway story on their own. The entire night was all a fabrication to scare their friends.

Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 4 Tommy Lindy A

So what happened to Amy? The whole thing was a ruse, so her death was an accident. She simply tripped over a chain, hit her head on the side of the boat, and fell overboard. Max overhears Lindy and Tommy discussing her death, and runs off, upset that the entire night was his idea.

They find him in the engine room, where he tries to kill himself by turning on the gas. Tommy sends Lindy away, and she runs to the control room, where she uses her sister’s bracelet to connect wires and turn the speakers on. She plays a tape of Amy saying how much she cared about Max. It’s enough to get him to change his mind.

Too bad he accidentally knocks over a crowbar and sends the place up in flames. Good thing Tommy was there to save him.

Back at the station, Tommy asks the psychic where Lindy’s sister is. All she can tell him is that Sara is still alive, and Tommy is visibly relieved — despite not really believing in all that psychic stuff. The woman also gives him some unsolicited advice — tell Lindy how he feels about her because it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain.

‘Eye Candy’ Music Guide: ‘YOLO’

Brock Zanrosso – “Hungover”
Shel – “Follow Me Home”
Black Object – “From The Sky (Original Mix)”
Skirts (Alex Cowan) – “Dance (Sorry for Dancin’ mix)”
Gallant – “If It Hurts”

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