12:00 pm EDT, March 13, 2015

‘Eye Candy’ discussion: Where does Lindy go from here?

The fallout from the big Eye Candy killer reveal has left us all wondering, where does Lindy go from here?

Last Monday was a pretty big day for Lindy and the Eye Candy team in general. Learning the true identity of the Flirtual killer is going to have wide reaching effects for Lindy and her friends.

Spoilers for last week’s episode of Eye Candy

For one, Jake had gotten rather close to the group. Winning over their favor, attending dinner parties in their home, cooking for them… One doesn’t just brush that off like it’s no big deal. Especially Sophia, who seemed to be extremely affected all throughout the season.

It’s hard to imagine her ever asking Lindy to move out. But a girl can only take so much and Lindy may make that choice for her. Opting out of any sort of close friendships in order to prevent future casualties.

Because here’s the important question. After everything that has happened to her, where in the world does Lindy go from here? Frankly, she has the right to be paranoid. First Ben with the lies, then Tommy, and finally Jake. Each relationship getting more and more deceptive and threatening. Talk about trust issues!

And after everything the Flirtual killer put her through, wouldn’t she constantly feel watched?

wouldn't she constantly feel watched?

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The level of abuse this creeper has inflicted on her is psychotic. But how does she channel that trauma into good and not allow herself to become unhinged?

Therapy would probably be a good start.

Secondly, she needs to find a new direction in life. Focus on something she’s passionate about and run towards it. Returning to the cyber crimes unit is one option. Though, it’s hard to say how long it’ll take to rebuild trust between her and the department. She was used and lied to for quite awhile. It’s difficult to imagine what it would take to set that relationship right. At the very least, it’s likely to take time.

Another option available to her is to start working on her own again. Investing in her hacktivist roots. Though, if she had some sort of connection to the law enforcement it would definitely make her life a lot easier. Then she wouldn’t have to constantly be looking over her shoulder in constant fear of being arrested.

A marriage between the two would probably be her best option.

Lastly, we still have to learn whether or not Sara is alive and well. Most of Lindy’s future decisions will rest on that. Without Sara, or at least the hope she’s alive out there, Lindy will have an even bigger mountain to climb.

Ideally, what would you hope for Lindy’s future?

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