3:00 pm EDT, March 9, 2015

‘Eye Candy’ season 1, episode 9: The killer will be revealed

It all comes to a head tonight when the killer is revealed on Eye Candy season 1, episode 9, “FYEO”.

‘FYEO’ synopsis

Eye Candy episode 8, titled “FYEO,” airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. The episode synopsis reads:

Lindy turns to Jake for help in investigating her sister’s abduction; and Tommy and Connor uncover information about the serial killer on the dark Internet.

‘FYEO’ clips

For those of you who might have missed last week’s Eye Candy, allow us to catch you up by reading our recap of the episode. Or if you prefer, you can watch any of the past episodes on MTV.com.

Now that you’re all caught up, you can watch the clips below!

’Eye Candy’ episode 9, ‘FYEO’, sneak peek

Well, we all kind of expected this to happen right? Jake and Lindy getting closer – especially now that she feels so betrayed by Tommy and everything the cyber crimes unit represents. The two are holed up in the Cranberry Grove Bed and Breakfast awaiting some sort of news about Lindy’s sister. Whatever the information may be, one does worry where Lindy will find herself if she continues to push all law enforcement away. And sorry Jake, but getting her isolated and alone sure does sound like a serial killer move to us…

Eye Candy episode 9, ‘FYEO’, official promo

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As always, within the title of the episode is a hidden clue for what to expect from the coming installment. “FYEO” stands for ‘For Your Eyes Only,’ which almost sounds like a direct message from the Flirtual killer to Lindy herself. What could they want her to see that no one else should. Really the possibilities are endless, but right now the obvious bet seems like the killer’s identity.

‘Eye Candy’ mid-season official trailer

We’re sharing the Eye Candy mid season trailer one last time in preparation for the Flirtual killer reveal. Also, is it just us or is it looking like Tessa might be the killer’s next victim? Kind of seems that way from the video above.

More ‘Eye Candy’

If any of these videos have sparked your curiosity, you can find more about Eye Candy below:

– Take one last look at the killer’s case file to make a final guess at who this mad man/woman may be.
– Watch Hollywire TV’s interview with Victoria Justice where she discusses the unexpected plot twists coming our way.

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