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Lindy faces off against the killer in ‘Eye Candy’ season 1 finale

Tonight Lindy finally confronts the Eye Candy killer in the season 1 finale, “A4U.”

For those of you who might have missed last week’s Eye Candy, allow us to catch you up by reading our recap of the episode. Or if you prefer, you can watch any of the past episodes on MTV.com.

The Eye Candy season 1 finale, titled “A4U,” airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

‘A4U’ synopsis

In the season 1 finale, Lindy’s search for her sister leads her to Hart Island, the burial site for New York’s unidentified and unclaimed dead; and to a face-off with the killer that forces her to choose who and what is most important to her.

‘A4U’ sneak peeks and promo

’Eye Candy’ season 1 finale, ‘A4U,’ sneak peek #1

It looks like we pick up pretty closely to where we left off last week. With Lindy and Jake digging up what they think could be Sara’s body, and slowly trying to uncover the mystery of her missing sister. But now, one important thing has changed, Lindy has caught on to the fact that Jake is probably the killer. But what tipped her off and spurred on this interrogation of Jake?

’Eye Candy’ season 1 finale, ‘A4U,’ sneak peek #2

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“There’s blood on the kitchen floor, so he killed her there, and then he placed her here. Someone stumbled across Tessa’s murder. Locked themselves in the bathroom as he smashed his way through,” Tommy informs us. “Sophia,” Conner says. “He has Sophia.” And when he goes to call her, the phone seems to be in an extremely gruesome place. This show continues to outdo itself with disgusting bloody acts of horror.

‘Eye Candy’ season 1 finale, ‘A4U,’ official promo

And sure enough, in this week’s promo we see a glimpse of Sophia bound and stashed in a van. Perhaps being drugged by some sort of chemical gas? Or perhaps the van has been set on fire… In the clip we also hear Tommy say, “He’s taking them where it all began.” But where could that be? Heart Island? What about that creepy rehab center on the island? Does that have something to do with this?

More ‘Eye Candy’

If any of these videos have sparked your curiosity, you can find more about Eye Candy below:

– We have a whole pile of interesting Hypable articles for you this week. In our first article we questioned whether or not Lindy had actually discovered the real Flirtual killer or if the plot might be a little more intricate than that.
– Then the rebuttal took time to examine how exactly Jake matched up to the descriptors of the killer and why he was definitely the one responsible.
– Then we closed the week out asking you guys, where you thought Lindy could go from here.
– And of course, before the season came to a close, we wanted to give our boy George some love and take a moment to truly appreciate everything he’s brought to the show.

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